March 29th update serial diary entry We write a blockchain development book using blockchain thinking

Doing interesting things, taking one small step forward each day, documenting the whole thing mentally, I will try to restore the whole process and try to be exhaustive and interesting.

Sorry readers, but due to a particularly busy schedule lately, this week's daily has been changed to a weekly. I'll be sure to make time to update progress to the best of my ability.

Progress: Xiaofeng set up an IPFS-Book project on coding, and the way it was facilitated through Coding went really smoothly. Xiaodi then set one up as well, and it's working just fine.

Writing Management:.

The writing management approach

This book is the first to adopt a self-organizing, self-maintaining, and self-motivating approach to managing projects with a blockchain mindset, in which all good developers can participate and reach a mechanism where all members can contribute, gain, and exit, hoping to gather a maximum number of good, enthusiastic, and technically aspiring developers to write a practical, tried-and-tested technical book together.


1.It doesn't interfere with the writers' proper work, and I hope everyone has a passion for the thing, not as a burden, but as a pleasure.

2.Open discussion and transparency. All information is open and transparent among the participants, and all can have their own opinion.

3.Fair incentive approach.

rules and regulations

1.Small steps are the way to go, with daily updates on progress, even if it's just a little bit, and coming in and changing the status of a task is fine.

Components planned for completion.

Already built the project on top of coding, and since coding is pretty much the same as github, all the tasks of building the project on github are kind of done.

1、A virus in your computer Improve your computers security in just five steps
2、A great value precision metallurgical cutting machine that is also exceptionally smart
3、Cope Blockchain in laymans terms
4、Experience the Scrapy crawler framework learn this what you want to crawl with Python
5、Analysis of solutions for website domain name resolution errors

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