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Market Trends: Internet, Education, Blockchain, Will Change the Education Resource Flow Ecosystem

The Internet is promoting better development in all walks of life, and it's no surprise in the education industry, where video teaching, live lectures, and paid knowledge are popping up these days.

But many of the changes in the way business is done are only an expansion of the format from offline to online, and do not improve the dilemma facing education itself, but rather give birth to many new problems.

For example, teaching interactivity is poor, educational content is vulnerable to piracy, educational content producers are not reasonably paid, quality content is not showcased, etc.

Thanks to blockchain technology, four major dimensions of education can be optimized: institutional, application, data and transaction.

1. At the data level, the establishment of individual academic credit data to build a new bridge between industry and university cooperation.

2. The transactional level, enabling automated transactions of resources and services around the clock.

3. Application level, building a new ecology of secure, efficient and credible open educational resources.

4. Institutional level, improved management model.

The online education industry is growing rapidly, and education informatization is a major trend in the development and transformation of global education. Blockchain technology is expected to play a further unique role in the construction of the Internet + education ecosystem.

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