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Market analysis of the running entry of the banker

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This article is for reference only, appropriate entertainment, and does not constitute investment advice, trade on it at your own risk.


Buy coins without watching the market and watch the market without buying coins to avoid stepping out.

Without further ado, let's get down to business.


news feed

Cryptocurrency exchange has surpassed Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest bank, in profitability in Q1'18

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V-God blasts Coindesk for releasing false news and calls for a boycott of the 2018 Consensus Conference organized by Coindesk

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Over $140 million worth of BTC transferred from MtGox wallet

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Samsung's Q1 2018 profit up 58%, thanks to massive market demand for mining chips

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brief commentary

In terms of news, it seems like a lot of institutions are getting in, either acquiring or being acquired, lately. But no matter which way you look at it, one thing is inevitable - To pull high enough, you have to fall hard enough . Actually, if you get a chance to go through itNews during the 14-year market decline You'll find that too. There was all sorts of good news, cooperation and such, but it still couldn't stop the market from falling


Technical level

BTC (sideways)

As I said yesterday. It's going to rally in the short term, and as a result, the market is giving a good time to go up a bit But that's pretty much it. Don't chase the rally The most important thing is that, especially in the case of a lot of good things lately, assuming that the big investors really want to enter the market, they will not go to pick up the market now, now picking up the market is the same as directly spreading money.

through (a gap) Volume wise, the rally was volume free , there's still no sign of the big players entering, which is actually quite explainable that If you can't get low price chips, people naturally don't want to pull the market After all, bookmakers are there to make money. For example, the reason why many times in the last few days new cottage coins pulled en masse while older coins did mostly nothing, is because they sucked up enough chips to naturally have the power to pull the market.

through (a gap) K-line technical analysis, the box is still gradually formed, will not be so fast to appear a clear direction, this stage wait and see.

Remember, don't lose yourself in making money. Think about what happened 4 months ago. Stay in awe of the market and stay in awe of others.

ETH (sideways)

The ETH uptrend is not obvious, and of course there was a small rally with the market, but overall Hard to break 700USD pressure level , if you want to invest you need to be careful.

BCH (down)

BCH no amount of bounce-back The rally was accompanied by a small decline, and Not looking good in the short term that need to be handled with caution. Overall bearish

EOS (callback)

EOS is nearing its previous highs and is likely to face a short-term pullback that Short-term attention can be given to reducing positions

Cryptocurrency (down)

A part of the cottage coin is rebounding with the general market, but the overall trend is still downward, in this wave many times the new cottage coin got a good pull up, but people also want to ship ah, early next month there may be a small wave of the market, but the recent look at the overall cottage coin still has a downward trend, partly for arbitrage, partly to wash the plate!


1.BTC, and linked coins, shaking sideways in the short term.

2.ETH and other Esio-linked coins need to be treated with caution and remember to chase the ups and downs.

3.Value coins such as EOS, ADA, BCH waiting for a pullback.

4.Cottage coins, especially junk coins, are recommended not to be touched in the near future, at the very least until after the drop.

5.The overall market is shifting sideways in the short term.

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