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Meet Together to Build the Future 2017 Ping An Group SAMRT Technology Conference Kicks Off Today

On December 7, 2017, the first Ping An Group SAMRT Technology Conference, led by Ping An Technology, officially kicked off in Shenzhen's Central Asia Silicon Valley Coast. This two-day technology event is full of work, with networking and sharing in various fields such as smart city, healthcare, infinite AI, cyber security, fintech and more. From this it is actually easy to see that Ping An Technology, which is the technology incubator of Ping An Group, has a significantly strong foundation and strength both in supporting the efficient development of the Group's insurance, banking, investment and Internet businesses, and in cloud, artificial intelligence and big data・・・

Against this backdrop, it was only natural that the SAMRT Technology Conference of Ping An Group was formally held today.

In the course of the industry market, huddling is often the best strategy for moving forward, and this meeting with SAMRT, a peace group that has joined forces to build the future, illustrates this well. To build the first national brand of finance and help the transformation to a warm technology brand, this is the current direction of SAMRT of Ping An Group to move forward.

The following is the programme for the two days of the conference.

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