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Microsoft Accelerator Helps Upgrade Shanghai's "Double Innovation" Ecology

Recently, the Microsoft Accelerator-Shanghai Phase II Alumni Showcase was held in Xuhui, Shanghai, where 15 startup teams presented their innovations in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and blockchain to more than 400 innovation ecosystem co-builders.

It is understood that "Microsoft Accelerator-Shanghai" as Microsoft's global eighth accelerator, was established in Xuhui, Shanghai early last year. Microsoft Accelerator adheres to the core positioning of "convergence, internationalization and specialization", and conducts two rounds of auditions in Greater China every year. 15 startups are selected for each round and will be housed in an international office space for four to six months, supported and guided by a team of mentors consisting of industry and technology experts, and sharing various resources such as Microsoft Azure Cloud.

To date, Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai has successfully accelerated 29 startups, with the total valuation of these "alumni" companies exceeding RMB 28.8 billion. Xuhui District Mayor Fang Shizhong expressed his hope that Microsoft and Microsoft Accelerator will further focus on supply-side innovation, take Microsoft Accelerator as the "anchor", further leverage Microsoft's innovation ecological resources and brand advantages, attract more "ships" to "dock" in Shanghai, and attract outstanding domestic and international projects and teams to settle in Shanghai with a global vision and international standards.

Hong Xiaowen, senior vice president of Microsoft Global and chairman of Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D Group, believes that artificial intelligence, as an engine for digital transformation and upgrading, has a broad prospect not only in the consumer side but also in enterprise-level applications. Microsoft will work with Shanghai Xuhui, Shanghai Yidian Group and eco-constructors to further "empower" new technologies such as artificial intelligence through the accelerator.

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