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Microsoft HoloLens 3.0 Revealed to Truly Perceive the Environment, Introduce Cloud Computing

[PConline News] According to the latest news, Microsoft will bring more information about HoloLens new generation in March 2018, in July 2017 Microsoft unveiled the new HPU processing unit, equipped with native native AI co-processing capabilities and flexible use of deep neural network processing learning.

According to Microsoft official Alex Kipman, head of HoloLens, who posted on LinkedIn today, Microsoft revealed the use of these "energies" and that the AI will provide "spatial and temporal superpowers" that will allow Microsoft to "build digital space interactions independent of people, places and things".

Specifically, the next generation HPU will enable HoloLens 2.0 or 3.0 to truly sense its surroundings, and interestingly, while the new HoloLens devices are equipped with more powerful hardware, Microsoft has also newly introduced cloud computing processing, such as their new Mixed Reality Cloud.

Microsoft notes that their combination of cloud computing and AI, mixed reality technology allows Microsoft to deliver a lasting and advanced mixed reality technology experience in terms of people, places and things.

While Microsoft is currently the only vendor in the market with true mixed reality technology and devices, it is especially important for Microsoft to stay ahead and competitive in the mixed reality space as it is expected to face competition from new products and technologies from vendors like Apple, Magic Leap and Samsung soon.

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