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Microsoft and Paisabazaar join forces to develop industry-first innovation based on AI and machine learning


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On February 10, Microsoft and online marketplace announced that they have entered into a partnership agreement to develop "industry-first" innovations on the tech giant's cloud platform using AI and machine learning technologies. Inc. said in a statement that its entire infrastructure will be migrated to Microsoft Azure Cloud as part of the overall partnership.

Meetul Patel, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft India, said, "This partnership will enable Paisabaazar to leverage the power of Microsoft's cutting-edge intelligence services to develop novel solutions and bring greater value to its rapidly growing customer base."

By building its technology in Microsoft's cloud, will provide tailored and secure solutions to every consumer who comes to its platform.

"Through this partnership, we will meet the needs of consumers through an unprecedented digital experience and help them save time and money with more personalized solutions." Naveen Kukreja, CEO and co-founder of, adds.

The partnership will help identify customers' needs more accurately and take their lifestyles and life stages into account.

This will help improve product recommendations and underwriting decisions. This will also accelerate the Paisabazaar platform through further automation and digitization.

These companies will also build chatbots, image recognition innovations, speech analytics and language processing capabilities to enhance the customer experience.

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