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Microsoft announces $50 million investment in Earth AI project

Microsoft says it's focusing on democratizing AI so its features and capabilities can be leveraged by individuals and organizations around the world to improve the real world. AI can help address the urgent work needed to monitor, model and manage the Earth's natural systems.

Over the next five years, Microsoft plans to develop its AI for Earth initiative in three ways: first, the company will expand its seed grants globally and make Azure and AI technology available to more organizations willing to make a difference. Second, Microsoft will identify and support the most promising projects, bringing in a multidisciplinary team to help the organization figure out its market strategy.

Microsoft says it's committed to integrating new AI advances into platform-level services, which will make them more accessible to all participants. Microsoft believes that humanity needs to take urgent action to address the global climate problem, adding that the company's "Earth AI" initiative is not a short-term experiment and that Microsoft is not only devoting more resources to this work, but also committing it to long-term growth in four key areas: climate, water, agriculture and biodiversity.

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