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Microsoft to have its own self-checkout storage technology

While Amazon continued to test its self-service cashiering and billing technology, the Reuters News AgencyMicrosoft is also developing similar technology, the report said. In addition to the products some partners are using with Amazon Go - it has an in-house team experimenting with cameras connected to shopping carts and mobile apps, which allow shoppers to simply take items off the shelf, put them in a cart, and automatically list the bill and leave what they bought based on computer vision . The report calls out the company's Business AI group for working on innovation in the retail technology space, and says CEO Satya Nadella recommended a device to manage cameras in the field without transferring data to the cloud.

Microsoft is not making its first foray into this space, with its retail-themed product conversion technology, which included a version of its mobile app tested in grocery stores, launched at the 2017 National Retail Show and Sale. With this app, shoppers use the app to scan each item as they shop, then check their phone's cart when they're done. Microsoft is a partner of the startup and the app uses Azure on its back end. With Amazon Go stores opening soon in Chicago and San Francisco, we'll likely see more competitors come out in the future.

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