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Mining giant Rio Tinto to open its first smart mine in 2021

Image source: web Staff from global Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto at its remote control centre in Perth, Remote control of automated operations in the Pilbara iron ore region of Western Australia, two hours' flight away。 The Pilbara iron ore producing region is a remote control centre from Perth1000 kilometres。 These automated operations include unmanned trucks、 Unmanned trains and unmanned rigs。 Rio Tinto is betting its future on these driverless, automated machines。 Rio Tin(UK-Australian mining corporation)CEO Jason Hsia(Jean-Sébastien Jacques) express, Technological advances can provide Rio Tinto with the next five years50 Free cash flow contribution of $ billion1/3。 these50 US$ billion free cash flow mainly from iron ore and aluminium operations。 According to Jacey Xia, Expectations from2021 since the year 2000, New technologies, especially autonomous ones, can be a source of greater returns。 whereupon, Rio Tinto plans to launch its PilbaraKoodaideri Iron ore production, cost22 billion dollarKoodaideri The mine will be the first smart mine。 2018 year, Rio Tinto also wants management approval, In connection with the Pilbara16 Iron ore mines and4 Between ports1700 The world's first driverless trains run on kilometres of track。Salisbury weigh, Automation can speed up trains carrying iron ore6%, And not like when someone is driving., each40 Needs to be replaced in an hour3 a driver。 Jacey Xia said, In the area of autonomous technologies, Rio Tinto is a decade ahead of its peers。 Man has been mining ore for thousands of years。 Whether using a pickaxe or a hoe、 Dynamite or excavator and diesel truck, During the extraction of raw materials, Miners have traditionally been at the heart of。 Mining companies are trying to make more profit, Always wanted to reduce the cost of labor to mine a unit of mineral。 present ., Robots are starting to replace miners in the cabs of mining cars and other machinery。 Rio Tinto produces the vast majority of its iron ore from the Pilbara region。 In the PilbaraHope Downs On mine four., There is a load of300 Driverless trucks of tons speed through the red dust of iron ore。 They look a lot like robot grasshopper elephants., Extremely sensitive to security, All stop when they encounter scraped down artemisia。 Rio Tinto says, Relatively manned, Driverless trucks are safer。 In terms of productivity,12 Within hours, Manned trucks have a competitive advantage。 surpass24 Hours or more of operation, Fatigued driving will alert to change drivers, The advantages of driverlessness come to the fore。 The only time a driverless truck stops operating each day is when it needs to refuel。 Rio Tinto was the first to put into use automated driving technology。 Rio Tinto owns in the Pilbara400 Multiple trucks, Among them are76 One is a driverless truck.。76 A driverless truck is expected to cost less to operate than other trucks15%。 Rio Tinto says, After the introduction of automation, The mine's staff has been reduced by about a third。 Rio Tinto now has6 Automated drilling rigs。 Rio Tinto's head of iron oreChris Salisbury weigh, Automated rigs can work one-third more hours per unit distance drilled than manned rigs, The distance drilled per hour is also more10%。 For Jacey Ha and last year12 month4 Rio Tinto chairman who took office onSimon Thompson have one's say, They need to consider the extent to which automation applications can help companies cope with the next boom- Volatile cycles of recession。 It's been nearly a decade since Rio Tinto launched its first driverless truck, But the process of autonomy is slow, This involves frequent fine-tuning of equipment by suppliers。 1 month16 sun, In a production report, Rio Tinto said, Benefit from improved rail network and other productivity gains, Rio Tinto Western Australia's iron ore shipments in 2017 were 3 .031 billion tons, Year-on-year growth of 1% to 3 .276 billion tons。 Rio Tinto and Anglo-Australian miner BHP Billiton、 Brazil's Vale is China's three most important iron ore suppliers。

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