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Missed the IT Gang's July Breakfast, do you want to miss August's?

I'm told that after the breakfast last month, the guys protested that the number of tickets was so small that it was a total handicap, which was very unfair to the common folk who have been in a lagging internet environment for a long time. For this reason, the helper I have decided. 25% increase in the number of tickets starting with this breakfast , trying to satisfy the masses of the lustful masses. (8 over, as the venue has limited seats, so first come first served on the day of the event, late arrivals will have to find a place to sit (zhan). )

After we talked about Agile last month, this month we talk about a topic that has been particularly hot these last few years: the Data DATA。(Watch out!, Only shout it out loud., And it's pronounced with a native Australian pronunciation to show its strong vernacular! Please read after me.:/da: ta: / rather than/'deɪtə/)

If the popularity of "CloudCloud" has an "indescribable" impact on infrastructure partners, then the popularity of "DataData" has an almost fatal impact on all traditional industries. Because all current cross-border cross-industry strikes are based on "data".

And not to mention the high-end ones, such as Google's previous AI ordering and Alpha Dog playing Go, the technology behind AI or Machine Learning requires a lot of data backing Just around us, most businesses are currently making decisions that are inseparable from data , or big data of support.

If it used to be the age of the Internet, it's now the age of data! The one who has the data has the world.

As a practitioner in IT (or any industry for that matter), you know data Does it mean anything to you? Do you know about ETL? Do you know what Business Intelligence is? Do you understand the difference between the careers of BA, DA, DS, and DE?

As the IT gang that knows you, we've invited two of the biggest names in data to talk to you about data this time.

They are.

Alex F, currently working as a senior DA, is from one of the Big 4 banks in Australia.

Dr. Alex J, currently serving as DS Team Leader, comes from one of the leading web companies in the industry.

Did you find out a little secret?: act as data Doing it right little buddy, The names are basicallyAlex?( hehe, Coming up with a good name is a real skill.!)

Well, without further ado, if you want to meet face-to-face with the greats, sign up now! Specific registration information is as follows: (Friday, Aug. 10, 12 noon Registration is open on time! )

When: next Friday, August 17, 7:30-8:30 a.m.

Location: NAB Village (700 Bourke Street) opposite Southern Cross Station exit

Registration link (you can pull down the "click on the original" button at the bottom)

In line with Agile's principle of continuous improvement, the The topic of our two guests' sharing this time is up to you.

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