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"Missing required CD/DVD drive device driver" when reinstalling Win7

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Many of you are in the same situation, your computer has been used for a long time and you are too lazy to clean and fix it regularly, or your system is not running well or even crashes because of occasional poisoning. Works exhibition these days every day on the Internet to find information, download information, make their own book messy, and too lazy to spend time to organize and fix it, today, finally completely strike quit.

In the face of this, the usual approach is reinstall a system. But when I reinstalled it today there was a problem that I never encountered before. After the system disk is ready, you enter the installation screen and a pop-up box appears with "Missing required CD/DVD drive device driver ......". As shown below.

At this point, you may see the prompt literally and think that the computer is missing drivers, but in fact, it is not, because if you click "Browse", the local hard disk partition and the corresponding disk letter will be displayed (as shown below), so you can initially determine that this is not a lack of drive device drivers.

windws 7 system installation is actually the first to load a WIN7 PE system to boot the installation, and this PE system is the kernel of WINDOWS7, and we use the U disk to boot successfully, he did not have the possibility of not recognizing the U disk, the reason may appear in the USB of the U disk in the PE system recognition.

In this picture we found a problem, is that although we can see the local partition situation, but does not show us inserted USB drive, which is the reason why he prompted CD/DVD no drive, now the problem found, is because no PE system does not recognize the system in the USB drive, although the boot boot success, but the real system but still in the USB drive Oh ......

At this point, the solution is to return to the original interface (the first interface you enter by inserting the system disk), unplug the USB drive, and plug it back in with a different port (especially if you have both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports on your computer, a different type of port is better). Wait a moment, go through the steps again, and you'll see the familiar normal screen below again!

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