Mobile Markdown Writing: Illustration One-Click Sync with Seven Bulls Chart Bed

Turn your phone into a true content production and publishing tool.


If you usually like to record and write, Then the following scenario You've probably encountered it before.:

Commuting or on the go, You happened to see a sight or material that touched you, It gives you a flash of light., Suddenly got a great idea。 this time, Your computer isn't with you.。 But as high performers, It's not a problem.。 you immediately Notes app with your phone( for exampleEvernote Or the Taoist cloud、 for the sake of knowledge, etc.) Wrote down the text content, And all the relevant illustrations were taken in too。 Some of the illustrations are from the internet, Some are from phone albums。

Well illustrated and written. You're happy. But obviously you're not content to read it for your own pleasure, but want to post it and share it with as many people as possible.

At this point you will encounter a serious problem - the editing and layout of the content.

If you have a secretary, or even a team of editors, it's all good. You can share the notes directly with them. They will naturally be able to take care of all the subsequent processing for you.

If, unfortunately, you're like me and don't have a secretary on staff, much less an editing team, then you'll need to do these things yourself.

You can wait until you get to your destination or even the end of your vacation and have a computer to complete your post-editing work. Yet in times like these, when new hotspots are popping up all the time, it can be very difficult to capture an important and engaging theme. Once you've seized the opportunity to create content, do you really want to wait hours or even days before posting it?

pain point

The need to record, create and publish at any time has given rise to a variety of writing tools on mobile phones.

If you're a lazy person like me and want to lay out beautiful articles in the easiest way possible, then Markdown is an essential tool.

Using Markdown on top of a computer, the writer's needs have largely been met. But with the Markdown editor on mobile, there's a long overdue solution pain point --Illustrations.

Don't be ridiculous, what kind of Markdown editor can't be illustrated? !

Yes, any Markdown editor includes the ability to insert images. But the single illustration function Cannot meetThe needs of creative class users.

If inserting a local image only saves the local link, how do I post & share it?

What about locally stored images if only external links can be used to illustrate them?

Don't you find it tedious to face dozens of images if uploading them to the image bed requires manual actions?

If I manually upload to the image bed and have to update the image links in the article one by one, replacing the local links with the image bed links, then I really have the urge to drop my phone ......

facilitate Localization illustrations, the easily synchronized to the map bed and can immediately Get the full text version using the image bed link before the user real Needs.

Not even Ulysses, the most famous Markdown writing wizard, has managed to do this.

Once upon a time, I also had to write the text content first and mark where the illustrations needed to be. When it's time to go back to the laptop heel, it will be illustrated and posted.

Thus, when I suddenly discovered a mobile Markdown editing app that actually solves this pain point quietly, naturally I couldn't wait to share it with you who also love writing.

set up

I found this tool because a friend asked me for help. Said to be having problems using it to illustrate.

After I actually did it, I found that the problem came from the details in the setup. So here I put the setting minute Introducing it to avoid other people stepping into the hole again.

Seven Cows Cloud Storage is the common image bed used by Markdown writers in China, free and reliable. Let's use Seven Bulls as an example here. For more information on how to set up Seven Niu cloud storage, please refer to my humble article "Markdown Two-Click Typesetting for WeChat Public Articles".

After installing the editor on your phone, click the Settings button on the top left corner of the home page, scroll down to the "Image Uploads section" and select "Add Local Image Upload Service".

The name field is optional.

The API address is recommended to be left untouched.

The Space Name, Access Key and Secret Key are filled in truthfully.

The key is the "image URL prefix" part, the "test domain" in the "storage space" of Seven Bulls gives you a domain name. Please note that when you copy it over and fill it in, prefix"http://" , remember.

When you have finished setting up, click on "Verify Settings". If the prompt is normal, it means you are ready to use it.


Let's take an example and see how this mobile Markdown editor can help you quickly layout & publish graphic articles.

The morning of New Year's Eve was good. I work out in the school playground. The students had all gone home for the holidays, and the normally bustling playground was empty and deserted. So I took out my phone and snapped a picture. Then opened the editor and wrote two lines.

Then I clicked on the icon for the illustration and inserted this photo. Note that the image local link is used inside the editor at this point.

The preview works well. Below we sync the image to the image bed.

Click the Export icon in the bottom right corner.

Select "Upload local images to the image bed".

Click the "Upload" button in the upper right corner. Your images were quickly synced to the Seven Bulls chart bed.

Also, the link to the image bed will be displayed in the "Uploaded" section of the image.

Do I need to manually copy and replace the local image link?

No need at all. Notice the "Copy Markdown" button in the bottom left corner?

Click on it.

OK, the Markdown content containing the link to the Seven Bulls image bed has been copied successfully.

Let's test it out by opening the Day One diary app. Create a new log and copy in the contents of the clipboard inside.

Is the link to the picture a link to the Seven Bulls image bed? :-P

End the edit and preview it.

Great job!

The operation process is described.

I hope this mobile Markdown editing app will help you grab good ideas anytime and be the first to post & share your creations.

Happy writing!


Do you know any other good Markdown apps for mobile? What surprises did it bring to you? What personalized needs of your own are not yet being met? Feel free to leave a comment and share it with everyone and we'll discuss and learn together.

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