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2.Open the software and you can see through the player's cards


4.Set to change your own deck


6.Calibration ASCLL code

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Python Foundation Stage

Installing Python in Section 1


Why install Python

I don't know if you dudes and dudettes have ever thought about this. Why should the first step in learning a programming language start with installation? If that thought ever crosses your mind, then give yourself a round of applause, success means you have a lot of potential because you had a hard time convincing yourself you were a layman! Hahahahahaha, just kidding!



Install python

下载Python:登录然后点击 —>如【图1】所示,适合你电脑系统的Python3.7的版本下载,比如你是Window系统你就点击【Windows】,是苹果就点击【Mac】。备注:建议最好下载3.0以上的版本,因为好多Python3.0以下的第三方库已经停止更新了。

Clicking on [Windows] or [Mac] will take you to the download options screen. Because mine is a Win10 system. So let's share the whole process of installing Python 3.7 under [Windows] as an example.

Click [Download] of Python 3.7.0 to enter the following Figure 1, choose the version that suits your computer's operating system bit (32-bit or 64-bit OS), if you don't know the bit number of your system, right-click My Computer and then check it, as shown in Figure 2 below, mine is a 64 micro OS, download the one marked in red in Figure 1, if it is 32-bit, download Windows x86 executable installer.

Once the download is complete begin the installation steps.

Installing Python 3.7.0.

[Double-click] python-3.7.0-amd64.exe. The Python 3.7.0 installation window will pop up, as shown below: select Custom Install and check the [Add Python3.7 to PATH] below. Since I've already installed it, I won't go over it again.

特别注意:最好在D盘中建一个以英文命名的文件夹,自定义安装时,就把其安装在此文件夹中。如,我安装的路径在 D:pythonEnv文件中家中,文件夹根据自己的记忆习惯命名就行。

Once the installation is complete it is time to configure the environment variables.

Win7 or Win10 in [My Computer] right click [Properties] to find [Advanced System Settings] left click Enter, then find [Advanced Environment Variables]. As shown in Figure 1, Figure 2 below.

【点击】进入 下图1 找到Path或者PATH 并【双击】进入图2的界面 点击【新建】然后把你安装目录下的Script目录输入进去。比如我的安装路径在D:pythonEnv下,那我就输入 D:pythonEnv;D:pythonEnvScripts; 然后点击【确定】【确定】【确定】。

特别注意:Win7下输入此路径一定要带“;”(英文的分号,如 D:pythonEnv;D:pythonEnvScripts; )


Checking for successful installation

Click Win+R to bring up the [Run] window and then type cmd and click [OK] and then you will be in the Windows dos command window,. This is shown in Figure 1 below. Then type python and the following figure 2 is displayed to show that you have installed it successfully.

Then it's time to write the code.

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