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I had to cross the solar system on foot.

I had a hunch about this.

Somewhere in the universe hangs my heart

Fire bursts from there, vibrating the air

And to other wild hearts surged

-- "I Must Hike Across the Solar System

After Kasparov's loss to Deep Blue, the idea of "man-plus-machine" was developed and put into practice, resulting in the creation of a group of "centaurs", cyborgs that combine human and artificial intelligence, with human players listening to the moves suggested by the AI and occasionally overruling them.

Peter Thiel's Paypal and Plantir also use human-machine collaboration strategies to do business intelligence and decision advisory services with good results. Kevin Kelly, in The Technological Element, suggests that the trends of "technologization of biology" and "biologization of technology" are gradually merging, and that the centaur state of human-machine cooperation may be a transitional stage before human-machine integration.

Capsule Conversations offers the solution: if you want group wisdom, you must first build a wisdom community, and if you want to build a wisdom community, you must first become a charismatic connector.

Professor Alex Pentland, a social physicist at MIT, emphasizes that "the people with the best ideas are not the smartest people, but those who are the best at getting ideas from others. "In his book Social Physics, he calls these people 'Charismatic Connectors'.

These individuals move actively around the organization and engage in short but energetic conversations with others, playing a role much like that of a bee gathering pollen. We find that the more such charismatic connectors a team has among its members, the better the team performs in a business plan competition.

Groups where this charismatic connector's social style prevails have a fairer turn of phrase and higher levels of engagement, which is what organizational intelligence needs.

-- The Intelligent Society

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