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Mobile phone sweep to see the authenticity, Zhejiang mobile black technology to help "West Lake Longjing" traceability

It's tea picking season again. Imagine this scene: when you scan a QR code in the West Lake Longjing tea box, information about this box of tea from growing and picking to frying and encapsulation can be presented in front of you through videos and diagrams, which include the longitude and latitude of the planting tea garden origin, soil temperature and humidity, air quality, roasting process, etc. The above scenario is being played out in a 10-acre high-quality tea garden in Shangtianzhu, Hangzhou. Recently, Zhejiang Mobile cooperated with Zhejiang University and other units to launch the "blockchain + Internet of Things" West Lake Longjing traceability demonstration base.

Hangzhou is the main production area of West Lake Longjing tea. But the unscrupulousness of the traders' profit-making and the use of substandard goods also distressed many tea lovers. In order to ensure the quality of tea and achieve traceability, Zhejiang Mobile, Zhejiang University, in conjunction with the West Lake Street Lingyin shares of the economic cooperative, 10 acres of high-quality tea garden in the above Tianzhu as a demonstration base, the implementation of the West Lake Longjing tea traceability project based on "blockchain + Internet of Things" technology, the project can effectively complete the data collection of Longjing tea in the entire supply chain, to solve the problem of counterfeiting pain points.

"By installing IoT-based information collectors with real-time camera systems in the tea garden, we can collect and record key elements of Longjing tea in the production chain, such as air soil pH, ambient temperature and humidity, air PM2.5 value and light intensity. Mobile IoT NB-IoT is characterized by large connectivity, wide coverage and low power consumption, which is very suitable for achieving deep coverage and complete data transmission in farming areas. "Specifically responsible for the construction of the project, Hangzhou Mobile staff said.

As soon as the relevant production data is collected, the system will be uploaded to the blockchain's distributed database. It is understood that data in a blockchain can be seen as a string of data blocks generated using cryptographic methods of correlation, with each block containing information about a single transaction and having the true characteristic of not being tampered with at will. Blockchain technology ensures that information about the tea production process is tamper-proof and reliable. In addition to the data on the growing environment of tea trees, the information on tea picking, frying and packaging will also be recorded in detail by the traceability platform.

"Now, the first to use 'blockchain and Internet of Things' technology for 'West Lake Longjing' this Hangzhou business card again empowered to achieve tea traceability, quality assurance, but also reflects a heritage and protection of Chinese tea culture." The person in charge of Westlake Street said.

It is reported that the combination of "blockchain and Internet of Things" technology will be extended to various market areas, products and production links in the future, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the rights and interests of consumers, producers and distributors.

Source: Zhejiang Agricultural Information Network

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