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More Good Books for Growing Front-End Engineers

1 Introduction

I've read a lot of books, and I was particularly impressed by one that talked about JavaScript, which started with "JavaScript is a scripting language for Java", but I finished it anyway, and I forgot the title.

The ones listed below are those that have been read and at least remembered the titles, and some of them are books that are read regularly, listed together and recommended for students who love to learn.

2 Front-end technology

2.1 Integrated

Explanation of Modern Front-End Technologies

Best Practices in Web Front-End Development

The Way of the Web Front-End Engineer

Writing Quality Code - The Way of Web Front-End Development

Responsive Web Design HTML5 and CSS3 in Action, Second Edition

Responsive Design, Transformation and Optimization

2.2 Foundation

2.2.1 HTML && HTML5

Basic HTML and css Tutorials, Eighth Edition

The Definitive Guide to HTML and XHTML, Sixth Edition

A Hands-on Guide to HTML5 and CSS3

The Definitive Guide to HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 Design Patterns

2.2.2 CSS && CSS3

CSS World

CSS Core Technology Explained

The Definitive Guide to CSS, Third Edition

CSS Design Guide, Third Edition

CSS Savvy - Advanced Web Standards Solutions, Second Edition

CSS3 Illustrated - Core Technologies and Cases in Action

2.2.3 JavaScript && ES6+

Seeing Through JavaScript: Principles, Methods, and Practice

Hands-on ES2015: Diving into Modern JavaScript Application Development

Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms, Second Edition

ES6 Standard Primer, Third Edition

The Secret Book of JavaScript Ninja, Second Edition

JavaScript Study Guide, Third Edition

'You Don't Know JS'

The Definitive Guide to JavaScript, Sixth Edition

Advanced Programming in JavaScript, Third Edition

Core Concepts and Practices of JavaScript

A Guide to Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript, Second Edition

The Art of JavaScript dom Programming, Second Edition

The Essential JavaScript Language

The Essence of Dynamic Functional Programming Languages and Programming Practice

2.3 Performance optimization

The Definitive Guide to Web Performance

High Performance JavaScript

JavaScript Performance Optimization: Metrics, Monitoring and Visualization

Guide to Building High Performance Websites

Advanced Guide to Building High Performance Websites

Performance Monitoring, Analysis and Optimization of Large-Scale Web Sites

Website Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Efficient Front End - Practices for Efficient Web Programming and Optimization

Speed and Passion - Enhancing User Experience with Web Performance

2.4 Security

Web Front End Hacking Exposed

White Hats on Web Security

A Treasury of Hacking Techniques for the Web, Second Edition

Web Application Security Threats and Prevention Based on OWASP Top 10 and ESAPI

The Trouble with the Web - A Guide to Modern Web Application Security

Web Security Development Guide

The Definitive Guide to Web Application Security

A Treasury of Hacking Techniques: A Practical Guide for Browsers

XSS Cross-site Scripting Attack Anatomy and Defense

2.5 engineering && automatization

Webpack in Depth

In-depth PostCSS Web Design

Front End Engineering System Design and Practice

Web Front End Testing and Integration - Best Practices for Jasmine/Selenium/Protractor/Jenkins

The Web Front End Automated Build - Gulp, Bower and Yeoman Development Guide

2.6 Protocols

The Definitive Guide to Web Performance

The Illustrated HTTP

The Definitive Guide to HTTP

The Definitive Guide to HTTPS

The Illustrated TCP-IP

2.7 Browser

How Browsers Work Article

Inside Webkit Technology

2.8 Architecture

JavaScript Framework Design, Second Edition

Front End Architecture Design

The Definitive Guide to JavaScript Development Frameworks

Best Guide to Large-Scale JavaScript Application Practices

Advanced Programming for JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript Design Patterns and Development Practices

JavaScript Design Patterns

The JavaScript Model

3 Learn something else

3.1 The so-called full stack

Web Developer Skills Roadmap

Teaching you to become a full-stack engineer

The Full Stack Growth Engineer's Guide to Full Stack Application Development - Lean Practices

The Self-Mastery of a Web Full Stack Engineer

The Definitive Guide to Web Development

Rapid Full-Stack Development in JavaScript

Single Page Web Applications - JavaScript from Front End to Back End

The Way of Full Stack Development - MongoDB+Express+AngularJS+Node.js

Full-Ended Web Development - Using JavaScript and Java

3.2 Programming

The Complete Code Book, Second Edition

The Art of Modifying Code

Refactoring - Improving the Design of Existing Code

The Neat Way to Code

3.3 Computer Fundamentals

In-depth Understanding of Computer Systems, Third Edition

How Computers Run.

How the Process Runs

How the Network is Connected

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4、Garbage collection and memory leaks in JS
5、How to design a reliable messaging system

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