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More dazzling, more exciting, fun and warm Zhengzhou Future Life Festival is under intense preparation

Dahe newspaper - Dahe client reporter Qi Ye

If you had the opportunity to experience the future, would you come? The first Zhengzhou (International) Future Life Festival is here for you, and the future is with you.

In order to make innovation in Henan more colorful, in order to let more people can really feel the "future life +", from September 7 to 10, the first Zhengzhou (International) Future Life Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Future Life Festival) sponsored by Dahe News Agency will be launched, from now on, we send formal invitations to all kinds of companies and innovation teams.

The tech giants are coming together

Who's coming to Future Life Festival?

What is certain is that national and provincial technology companies will be there to fully showcase their products and interact with the audience.

There will now be more interactive elements such as music, film, games and health to really bring technology and life together and enrich the format of the exhibition.

The Future Life Festival will be held in conjunction with the Fall Grand River International Auto Show. Every Grand River Auto Show is popular, and I believe it will be even more popular at the Future Life Festival because everyone wants to see what the future of life looks like.

Once again, we are extending an official invitation to all kinds of companies and innovative teams, no matter what industry you are working in, if your company or product has something new and can quickly impress young consumers, get in touch with us. There's a huge stage for you to dazzle, and we're calling "new species".

Autonomous driving and artificial intelligence are just appetizers

What is the most talked about tech product of the moment? Autonomous driving and artificial intelligence, of course.

To this end, we will be presenting a showcase of new energy vehicles and autonomous driving at the Future Life Festival, allowing everyone to experience "black technology" up close.

We'll also be focusing on new ways to get around, car sharing and other new modes of travel that you don't normally get much exposure to, at Future Life Festival.

Of course, in addition to various black technologies in the field of travel, technologies like artificial intelligence, face recognition, virtual reality and blockchain will also occupy a large part of the scene.

Not only foreign high-tech enterprises, but also many local enterprises in Henan that are well-known in the industry, but whose flowers bloom outside the walls, will also appear at the Future Life Festival, so that you can see the power of innovation in Henan.

The future has only one criterion: fun

We have only one requirement for the Future of Life Festival, and that is to be novel, interactive, in other words it must be fun.

All high-tech companies exhibiting at the festival will present their "creations" rather than their products. In other words, what you will see at the Future Life Festival will not be cold products, but interactive and interesting displays, and the only way to be blown away by how interactive they are is to be there.

We also designed the warmest part of the future of life, which is the future of health - how does AI determine your physical fitness? How can high technology work for everyone's health? You'll feel it firsthand when you're there.

There's also an orienteering race for sports enthusiasts and a big river tide kids race for families ......

The future of life we are advocating is actually more than technology, there are also lifestyles that represent a better future, such as healthy eating, internet education, tech homes, smart homes, and customized travel.

The Future Life Festival welcomes Henan people who like creativity and pursue the future, you will be "embraced" by many new and fun "black technology", you will really feel the "future life +" scene. From September 7 to 10, we will showcase these new technologies, products and models in front of you through a grand exhibition and professional forum, so that you can experience and look forward to a better life in the future on site.

Edited by Qi Ye

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