cool hit counter More than just "empowering intelligence" in cars, Transport Manchu was selected as one of the top 50 leading automotive technology companies in China_Intefrankly

More than just "empowering intelligence" in cars, Transport Manchu was selected as one of the top 50 leading automotive technology companies in China

On March 28, KPMG released its first-ever list of the 2017 China Leading Automotive Technology Companies 50. Freightliner joins companies such as DDT and RenRen on the list.

The list is composed of a selection committee of more than 20 experts with years of service experience, and the top 50 automotive technology companies were selected based on six core dimensions, including innovation in technology and business models, valuation and capital market recognition, team capabilities, market recognition, financial health, and vehicle manufacturer recognition.

Over the past 18 years, KPMG has continued to discuss industry trends and developments with executives in the global automotive industry," said KPMG's Chairman for Asia Pacific and China, Vincent Tao. Through this China's Leading Automotive Technology Enterprise 50 Awards, we observe that the development of intelligent and networked cars in the future is already a major trend: intelligent networked technology will drive profound changes in the ecology of the automotive industry and a comprehensive reshaping of the competitive landscape; shared mobility will become mainstream in the future; cars will transcend the attributes of transportation and become carriers of content and services. "

With China's vehicle fleet reaching 217 million in 2017, including 23.41 million cargo vehicles, and 3.1 million new registrations, the highest level ever, the carrying capacity of road transport is facing more challenges. However, with the development of the sharing economy and the popularity of mobile Internet in recent years, drivers have increased the sharing of capacity resources through the use of Yunman, and to a certain extent, alleviate the problem of wasted resources.

Technical elements and R & D staff ratio is also an important assessment dimension of this list. With nearly 4 years of establishment, and with the continuous progress of its own technology, the platform has now precipitated a huge amount of data, covering various dimensions such as mileage, cargo transactions and cargo transportation routes. Zhang Hui, the founder of Freightliner, mentioned that data is playing a greater role as a new means of production. The massive amount of data on the Yunman platform can provide more accurate matching services for users and help the government optimize road traffic congestion, and in the future will even advance the development of driverless technology.

Attachment: 2017 KPMG 50 list of China's leading automotive technology companies

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