“Most likely to be employed” of4 individual specialization, Artificial Intelligence No.2, The last one makes a million a year.!

“Most likely to be employed” of4 individual specialization, Artificial Intelligence No.2, The last one makes a million a year.!

artificial intelligence major

China's artificial intelligence is growing rapidly, The Chinese government also attaches great importance to the development of the field of artificial intelligence。 It is expected that by2020 year, China's artificial intelligence industry to exceed1500 billions, Although some Chinese universities offer courses on, However, there is an overall lack of capacity to teach the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, Colleges and universities are lacking in training hands-on application-oriented people on their own。

Pre-school education

Our early childhood education market is in1998 Beginning to sprout in 2007, go through10 Years of development, Early learning providers have gone through a wave of rapid expansion。 Take a sports baby、 The local early childhood education institutions represented by Red Yellow Blue and others and the Golden Baby、 Overseas brands such as Genius Baby jointly dominate the current early education market, It's safe to say that the future of preschool education is also good

Clinical Medicine and Preventive Medicine

Clinical Medicine and Preventive Medicine、 Basic medicine will be more closely integrated。 With the rapid advancement of science and technology, Many new technologies、 New Materials Section and New Drugs( Including genetic recombinant biological factors, etc.) Will be a strong advancement in clinical medicine, Primary health care, Even as the nation gets good first-line care, general medicine is quietly emerging。 As you can imagine, the outlook for this type of profession is also good。


Rapid development of the aerospace industry, Talent in high demand, And it's very professional again“ expert”, Other professions are simply not replaceable, The Employment Commission could really use“ carefree” to describe, Major Aerospace Research Institutes、 Military Academy and airlines, It's all about the pay.、 high status、 skilled“ triple high” good place。 A million dollars a year is not a dream!

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4、Spring multithreaded injection bean problem
5、LU decomposition of A for the foundations of linear algebra

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