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Before the background of the partners reflected that I previously released the proteus 7.8 version of the link canceled, and then ran to see that it is indeed swallowed by the Dounian, now analyzed should be my source files are not added into the zip, now this link inside the file is already a compressed version, we download and extract to the local space and then extract out to view. (Here are the new links)

Link to proteus 7.8 webpage:

Password: 3vhe

Link to multisim10 webpage:

Password: xtox

Let's move on to the main part of the day

multisim 10.0 Brief Introduction

Multisim is a Windows-based simulation tool from National Instruments (NI) Ltd. and is marketed as being suitable for board-level analog/digital circuit board design work. Simulation of unit circuits, functional circuits, construction of microcontroller hardware circuits and simulation of corresponding software debugging are covered.

Comparison and differences with proteus.

multisim is mainly used for power switch simulation and general analog circuit design simulation. For example, when the author took a practical class on analog circuits in college, the teacher introduced us to this software, which was still multisim version 2001, and it seems that many teachers in colleges and universities still use it to teach. While proteus is mainly used for the simulation of digital circuits such as microcontrollers, higher versions of multism also add the ability to simulate microcontrollers.

The following is a brief overview of several EDA design tools that I have previously released.

Multisim: allows simulation of complex analog/digital circuits , simple PCB board design, simple microcontroller simulation.

Altium Designer: powerful PCB board design that Simulation of simple analog/digital circuits can be performed.

Proteus: simulation of digital circuits, microcontrollers, ARM Intuitive analog circuit simulation is possible, as well as simple PCB board design.

Everyone pay attention to the bolded words in front of me, clear what you need, need to engage in complex analog and digital circuit simulation you choose multisim, drawing circuit diagrams you use AD, microcontroller simulation on the use of proteus, so it is clear, user experience is also very good. Well, these are the summary instructions, so let's move on to the installation hack mode.

Installation steps.

First of all, the installation cracking process is based on the xin7 platform, but win7 version from the theoretical point of view is also no problem, but the process is no different, there are differences will be mentioned later, a more important point, to run as administrator seems to have a higher success rate, the following is to download the zip package after decompression out of the file is this

The multisim10.0.setup is the installation package, double-click it to open it like this

At this point, just write whatever you want about Full Name ognization, and continue

Then you will get a popup like this, just select no

At this point it's best to create a folder in a drive other than C, such as the author did.

Then it's a license agreement like this, just click to confirm

When you get here it's the wait time for the installation, wait about 10 minutes

Once the installation is complete, it's just a matter of going all the way to NEXT. This one is also ok

Once you get to this screen take note that it requires you to start the software, since we haven't cracked it yet, so click restart later

At this step the installation part is done, here comes the cracking part.

Cracking section.

Open this NI liciense, right click and run as administrator, you see this screen, click Activate and that box turns green.

Follow the author's so these few points are green and the crack is complete.

Just find this software icon and open it. (I can't seem to find the icon on the start screen because it's Win7, I searched for it and created the shortcut that way. (Win10's will find this icon inside the win key, just open it directly)

First time to interface.

Overall, this time the steps are not so easy, but it is still relatively gratifying to see the final successful installation of the interface, I hope that really need partners to see that you can make good use of, but also do not begrudge your praise to encourage the author to continue to output, in addition, directly in the public chat box to send a message directly to the author, 24 hours I did not see it was blocked, so we have questions or leave a message under the corresponding article can be saved.

I heard that the people who liked and supported it after watching it were particularly good looking.

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