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Musk admits Tesla developing AI chips to be used in driverless systems

Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke for the first time about the artificial intelligence custom hardware products being developed by Tesla during the company's academic industry seminar on Thursday, according to a foreign news report.

Joining Musk at the seminar was Jim Keller, vice president of hardware at Tesla. The AI custom hardware products that Musk talks about are currently being developed by Kohler, who is a former chip architect at AMD. In the seminar, Musk said, "Kohler is currently in charge of developing proprietary AI hardware. "The workshop was not open to the public and therefore no live video feed was provided.

Tesla is currently developing custom AI hardware products that will be used in Tesla electric vehicles in the future to do the computational work required for driverlessness. Currently, Tesla's Autopilot autopilot system relies on chips from Nvidia. US financial news channel CNBC reported in September this year that Tesla was developing an artificial intelligence chip.

Tesla is reportedly developing an artificial intelligence chip in conjunction with US semiconductor company AMD for use in advancing Tesla's self-driving car technology. Sources at the time said that Tesla had received samples of the chips in question and was currently testing them.

The self-driving technology used in Tesla's electric cars is largely based on Nvidia's chips. The analysis suggests that Tesla's commitment to building its own chips is in line with its strategy to drive vertical integration of its business and reduce its dependence on other companies. But as it stands now, Tesla is not fully autonomous in its chip development, but is built on AMD's intellectual property.

Other automakers, including Ford and General Motors, are currently developing driverless technology. Alphabet, which is already developing custom chips to replace Nvidia graphics cards, owns driverless car subsidiary Waymo. Apple has also ventured into the driverless space, and the company has developed custom chips that can handle AI work on mobile devices.

Kohler also hinted during Thursday's workshop that customized hardware could improve efficiency; while Marx talked about power consumption and cost advantages, according to tweets posted by those involved in the workshop. Musk also provided a timeline for fully autonomous driving to become a reality during the seminar. He believes that there are two years from now to achieve this goal.

It's unclear when Tesla will install AI custom hardware products in its electric vehicles, though. As of now, there has been no comment from Tesla. (Compilation/Mingxuan)

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