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Musk admits Tesla developing its own AI chip, says it's the best in the world

[TechWeb] Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke about the company's development of artificially intelligent hardware products at a company gathering of academic and industrial researchers on Thursday, financial media outlet CNBC reported.

For the event in Long Beach, California, Musk brought along Jim Keller, Tesla's vice president of hardware. The AI custom hardware products that Musk talks about are currently being developed by Keller, who is a former chip architect at AMD.

Musk said, "Jim is working on specialized AI hardware that we think will be the best in the world. Dedicated hardware could one day be used in Tesla vehicles to do the computational work needed for autonomous driving. "Currently, Tesla's Autopilot hardware system relies on Nvidia's graphics cards.

CNBC reported on Tesla's AI chip in September. Several other automakers, including Ford and General Motors, are also developing custom chips for Alphabet hardware systems to replace Nvidia graphics cards. Apple has pursued autonomous driving and has developed custom chips to handle AI workloads on mobile devices.

At Thursday's event, Keller suggested that using custom hardware could improve efficiency, while Musk talked about power consumption and cost advantages and offered a predicted timeline for pure autopilot: two years.

However, it's unclear when Tesla will start selling cars with custom hardware. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment. (yoyo)

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