Musk is busy! Says it will drive Tesla Autopilot across the US in 3 months

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Compiled by Zimin Wei

Tesla made a flag last year.Do a cross-country drive across America using the fully automated driving feature by the end of 2017. 2017 has passed and apparently Tesla didn't accomplish that goal.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who just had a successful Falcon launch, has not been idle, and recently, during a media meeting, he said he would start the journey in three to six months.

Driving a Tesla across America is not an easy task, testing not only the range of the Tesla, but also a variety of variables such as road conditions along the way, weather, and even the personal ability of the driver.

In fact, has done this kind of self-driving long-distance journey before, calling it The Drive-a-thon and documenting the thrilling "24-hour drive diary" in detail.

Recently, in response to a question about autopilot, Musk said he would do a cross-continental U.S. autopilot in a 3-6 month time frame. When asked if the "crossover driving feature" would be available to regular Tesla customers, he said "in the future, yes," but didn't comment on when it would be available.

Musk admitted that he "missed the mark" on the goal he set last year, but determined that Tesla "had the ability to complete the cross-continental cross-country program last year." In order to reach this goal, companies need to knock out very much custom code. "This way other Tesla users can also use this feature, but only for specific trans-US routes."

One of Tesla's goals is to build a more robust system that can be used more universally. To that end, Musk said he was pleased with the progress the company's autonomous driving was making on neural networks.

MuskSays he's pleased with the progress made in neural networks,“ We have been working from' Nothing seems to be happening.', All of a sudden it progressed to' wow'。”

The CEO also compared the progress of his own Tesla to the progress of Google's DeepMind in getting AlphaGo, which started with no special skills like we all do. Then our technology quickly jumped up to the point where we could beat human players like AlphaGo. Finally, we have developed bots that can beat any level of human player, and it takes very little time.

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