Musk makes another bold claim: Tesla Autopilot fully automated in August

Source: China Business News (Shanghai)

Original title: Musk again put the boast: August Tesla autopilot can achieve "fully automatic driving"

On Monday, electric car maker Tesla jumped more than 5% after the company's CEO Musk said that the Tesla Autopilot system autopilot will be upgraded to the "Full Autopilot" level after a software update in August.

On Sunday, Musk said on social media that starting in August, Tesla's Autopilot system, Autopilot, will be upgraded to version 9.0, from which "we will be fully autonomous," and emphasized that Autopilot's research and development department has put a lot of resources into making the vehicle safe to drive. Currently, Tesla's Autopilot system, Autopilot version number 8.1, enables features such as lane departure warning, automatic cruise control, summoning and automatic lane change.

There are several levels of autonomous driving technology, with the SAE classification of "fully autonomous" being the highest, Level 5, in which the vehicle can be operated in all weather without the human driver having to devote any attention to the road or the vehicle at all, and they can even "sleep" while the vehicle is in motion. It is not yet possible to confirm whether Musk's "fully autonomous driving" is strictly "fully autonomous driving". According to reports from the California DMV and third-party market research firms, some of the industry's leading companies such as Google's Waymo, General Motors, Nissan, and others have already reached Level 4 of highly autonomous driving or are approaching Level 5 of fully autonomous driving, while well-known companies such as Tesla, Uber, and Apple are still relatively behind in their self-driving technology.

But before releasing the latest version of Autopilot, the flaws in the existing version should not be ignored, bearing in mind that Autopilot has been involved in a number of crashes in recent years, and in some cases Autopilot may have been "at fault". On Friday consumer advocacy groups urged Tesla Motors to address problems in the driver assistance system Autopilot after a preliminary government report said the driver did not have his hands on the vehicle's steering wheel in the last six seconds before a fatal crash involving a Model X.

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