Must read list for java programmers

Java Core Technologies

from the bottom of one's heart Java Core Technologies( i.e.Core Java) Not a particularly great book: The sample code is not rigorous enough, Filled with a lot of information related toC/C++ comparative, The language is also not concise enough—— the problem isJava There isn't a great introductory book, With the same type ofJava Programming ideas compare, Java Core Technologies At least it did it without the bullshit, advance with the times(Java Programming ideas Still stuck in Java 6 prior to), choose a general from among the dwarfs, Java Core Technologies That's not bad.。

Effective Java

While there are no great introductory books for Java, that doesn't mean there aren't great must-reads for Java. Effective Java is one of the best programming books I've ever read, containing so much good Java programming practice and insightful advice on generics and concurrency, two Java features so fraught with pitfalls, that the father of Java, James Gosling, prefaced the book, "I wish I had this book 10 years ago. Some may think I don't need any books on Java, but I need this one. "

A Deeper Understanding of the Java Virtual Machine (2nd Edition)

A very good and rare home-grown work that systematically introduces the Java virtual machine and related tools, and gives some tuning suggestions.

The Java Programmer's Way to Cultivate

There was no Java book before this one that systematically covered the new features of Java 7 in detail (such as the new garbage collector, try using constructs and invokedynamic directives), and this book fills that gap.

Java Concurrent Programming in Practice

A systematic and comprehensive introduction to concurrency in Java, how to design data structures that support concurrency, and how to write proper concurrent programs.

Java Puzzlers

Containing a lot of Java pitfalls-so much so that the word I said the most while reading this book was WTF-it's meant to be an anti-pattern omnibus, with Effective Java showing you how to write good Java programs and Java Puzzlers showing you what bad Java programs look like. What's even more interesting is that both books are written by Joshua Bloch .

Software Developer Roadmap

An excellent and practical career planning manual for programmers. The book consists of several patterns, each corresponding to a specific stage in a programmer's career. With this book, the reader can easily find out where they are currently in the mode (stage), what they should be doing, what their goals are, and what the next mode (stage) will be. If you feel lost from time to time, then read this roadmap , find your place and determine where to go next.

Programmer's Guide to Health

As a professional who works with computers for a long time, programmers often suffer from a variety of illnesses, and this book is here to address this problem: it gives a comprehensive and feasible programmer's health improvement plan to help programmers build a healthy body from improving the working environment, adjusting the diet, preventing headache and eye pain, and doing indoor/outdoor exercise.

Gold-collar resume: knocking on the door of Apple Microsoft Google

A must-read for programmers looking for a job, it covers all aspects of a programmer's job search: from starting preparation to writing a resume, from technical interviews to salary negotiations. Since the author of the book has worked at Google, Microsoft, and Apple and has done technical recruiting, the book is very practical.

The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need: A One-Stop Source for Every Writing Assignment

Vocabulary determines reading ability and grammar determines writing ability. There is not a lot of specialized computer vocabulary, but precision is important, so every programmer should have good English grammar, but programmers don't need overly specialized English grammar - just master common grammar and get it right. The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need does just that, covering key grammar as well as common mistakes in English despite its small size (less than 200 pages). Read this book twice and it will drastically improve your English writing skills.

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