My 2017

2017 is, officially, my second year on the right track for a PhD.

It's official because it's the easiest way to answer questions like, "Where are you now?

27 years old, still a student, with no children or daughters at her knees.

Probably if it were in the country, this state of affairs would either not have lasted this long or would have long since been drowned in gibberish, unless one had a super heart. Fortunately, being in Europe, one can still cherish this freedom of person, mind and time in a slightly more outspoken manner.

In all honesty, I didn't fully embrace this identity of mine in 2016, and always felt like an over-aged repeater, watching my younger siblings graduate while I was still wandering in the same place.

In contrast to the change in my mentality in 17 years, on the one hand, I have set the right attitude. Before, I was unhappy because I was in a hurry and bit into the big tofu in front of me indiscriminately, and ended up with a mouth full of bubbles. A few days ago, I was talking to a good friend who said in a serious way, "TK, it actually seems that whatever you want to accomplish now is measured in years. I deeply agree. Quantitative change causes qualitative change, the laws of nature must be obeyed, and sometimes waiting and patience are inevitable.

I watched very few games in 2017, spent more time working with code software and watching games thinking about how to make them into big data to pin down in a paper. I have listened to a lot of classes from industry leaders, read (and understood) some papers that I didn't get last year, and shared several ideas with Chinese and foreign student teacher researcher practitioners in and out of the industry on large and small occasions, and the gains have been very, very great, and I am deeply grateful to everyone who listened to me.

Walking in the beginning of 2018, I presented a lightness of being and felt a high point of personal professionalism. This is a very peculiar feeling because I don't actually have a regular employer or a steady source of income yet that would theoretically lead to this feeling. But I feel empowered to arm myself with technology and have a great sense of control over the future. The proportion of manual translation of a single text is decreasing, the proportion of technology within the workflow is increasing, and the unit of settlement of workload is gradually shifting from word count to time. The area of work is becoming more regular, the quality of clientele is stable and the cooperation remains largely respectful. It's basically a repeat customer. Yields have also gradually increased.

On the last day of 2017, I reverently inserted three incense sticks in the incense burner under the Six Banyan Pagoda in Guangzhou, dedicated to the past and the future.

2018, I'm ready for the good things to happen and to let them happen slowly.

1、SSH Framework Series of Spring integration Hibernate
2、wxpython window layoutproportionflagborder parameter description
3、AIChallenger Global AI Challenge concludes with winning teams sharing 2 million in prizes
4、matlabstructured programs with selfdefining functions
5、Academia Adobe proposes deep keying separating image foreground from background using convolutional networks

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