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Warm tip: This article is a java rookie to other newbie friends in the new java package when the problem encountered explanation, experts please detour oh ~~~~

A random java project inevitably has multiple layers of nested packages: the

Surely it's not even a problem for a kid who has passed computer level 1 to build several nested tree java packages such as the above? Funny enough, last night, building these packages in MyEclipse wasted half an hour of my life!

Don't laugh at me! I'm sure quite a few of you took more time than I did in the first place! Hahaha... just kidding...

Taking the package structure of the project at the beginning of this article as an example, my idea is to ① create the top-level package com first, ② then create the second-level package jypt under the com package, and ③ then create the action package under the jypt package.

When you right-click on a com package - New Package, it automatically prefixes the package name with the com prefix:.

Ignore it for now and proceed to build, the final result is as follows.

Huh? How is that? Not the tree structure I thought it would be !!!!

In this case if you Baidu the keyword "java tree structure package" or something like that, the answer given by everyone is that in the upper right corner of the Package Explorer under the inverted triangle Package Presentation option select Hierarchical.

But as you've noticed, I chose it that way, but the bag structure is still the same. Yes, that's the premise, so how do you get the com.jypt.action programming tree structure to display? It's simple, think about it, now there is only one package jypt under the com package and only one package action under the jypt package, what happens if you create another package resources under the com package (right click on the current package com.jypt.action - new package, package name com.resources)?

The top-level tree structure is shown, and when multiple more packages are created under the jypy package, the effect of the package structure at the beginning of the article is achieved: the

At this point, you should understand that MyEclipse displays the package structure in a tree only when there are more than two packages under the same package

For the little confused people who are as accidentally confused as I am

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