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[MyEclipse] - MyEclipse10 Configuring Tomcat7 + Web Project Publishing

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Before want to try, wasted two tigers, download and install cracked MyEclipse2015, but the good news is not long ~~~~ every time you open to wait for half an hour, in the middle of knocking a sentence of code pause for two seconds, close it also love to wait for ten minutes 。。。。 Okay I admit it's my computer configuration that's low!

Decisively uninstalled, replaced with MyEclipse10, I am lazy, using the installed version of Tomcat7.0, but in MyEclipse10 configuration Tomcat7 a little trouble, the following configuration process (the installation of related software omitted):.

To configure, MyEclipse → Preference, select MyEclipse - Servers - Tomcat - Tomcat 7.x in the left column, as follows.

Set the Tomcat server to available and choose the path to Tomcat (make sure you choose the right path to Tomcat, not the bin under Tomcat! ).

After the first path Tomcat home directory is configured, the following two will automatically default to the same as the first one. Just submit it directly.

So far, Tomcat7 has been configured on MyEclipse10, want to try to see if the configuration is successful, you can publish a project to test it. Click the Deploy button on the MyEclipse toolbar at.

Select the item to be posted.

Adding a Tomcat server.

At this point you will find that the project is published to the Tomcatwebapps directory, what I understand by publishing is putting the project into a container and letting that container manage it, this is why we all say that Tomcat is the web container.

The next OK all the way will have published the project, next start the server:.

If you can't find the "Servers" icon in the image above, you can open it by clicking on the small icon in the bottom left corner of the Quick View of the entire IDE.

After opening the server, you can see that the project was successfully published by typing http://localhost:8080/SSHDemo in the browser address bar:.

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