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MySQL Installation Diagram

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To document the MySQL installation process using MySQL 5.5 as an example.

1、Open the downloadedmysql-5.5.24_win32.msi as shown:↓

2. Click NEXT: ↓

3. Accepted, Next: ↓

4, select the installation type, there are "Typical (default)", "Complete (complete)", "Custom (user-defined)" three options, here to "Custom" for example: ↓

5、Select the installation directory behind Location, and right-click on MySQL Server, Development Componenets, Debug Sysbols, Server data files options respectively, and select "Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive" to install all features on the local hard drive: the following figure↓

6. Click install: ↓

7. Installation in progress: ↓

8, after the installation is complete, continue to click the next step: ↓

9. When finished, check "Launch the MySQL Configuration Wizard" to start the MySQL Configuration Wizard, as shown in the following figure: ↓

10. Go to the MysQL configuration interface, next: ↓

11, there are two options: Detailed Configuration (detailed configuration) and Standard Configuration (standard configuration), here select the detailed configuration, the next step: ↓

12. There are three types of servers to choose from here: Developer Machine (development test type, which takes up less system resources), Server Machine (server type, which will take up more resources) and Dedicated MysQL Server Machine (dedicated database type, which will take up all the resources that can be taken up), which can be chosen according to your needs, as a learning, developer, here choose the development test type:), which can be chosen according to your needs, as a learning, developer, here choose the development test type: ↓

13、 The following chart is to allow the selection ofMysQL Uses of the database,MultifunctionalDatabase( Multifunctional)、Transactional Datebase Only( transactional) harmonyNon-Transactional Database Only( Non-transactional), Choose the multifunctional model here:↓

14. ForInnoDB Select the storage location for the database file, try not to select the system disk: ↓

15, select the approximate number of concurrent connections to the database we want to install, Decision Support (DSS)/OLAP (about 20), Online Transaction PRocessing (OLTP) (about 500), the last is a manual setting, here select the default Decision Support (DSS)/OLAP: ↓

16、Whether to enable TCP/IP connection, set the port, if not, you can only access the mysql database on your own machine, enable it here, the port number is still the default 3306; you can also select "Enable Strict Mode" below, so that MySQL will not allow minor syntax errors. ↓

17, the following is the default database language encoding settings for MysQL, the first is the Western encoding, the second is the multi-byte general utf-8 encoding, neither of which is our common encoding, here choose the third, and then select or fill in "gbk" in the Character Set, you can also use "gb2312", but the gbk font capacity is larger, including all the Chinese characters in gb2312.

18. Choose whether to install MySQL as a Windows service and whether to add MySQL's bin directory to the environment variable of Windows' path. Continue: ↓

19, ready to save the configuration, if where not configured or configured incorrectly, you can click back to return to reconfigure. ↓

20, installation is complete, click finish, the job is done.

As a final note, the MySQL installed here is the English version, so if you're not comfortable using it, you can also install thenavicat for mysqlThis software, equivalent to the MySQL Chinese, the specific installation steps are very simple, and the online resources are abundant, not in more.

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