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NEOGame Incentive Program Winners Announced for First Week of August

NEO Gameof the Incentive Plan“ Early presentation of finalist awards” Entrant enthusiasm continues in first week of August, as of2018 year8 month5 sun24 point (in space or time), The number of works that passed the review reached6 size, The results are now publicized as follows:

NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition Winners Announced

8 First Week of the Month Finalist Award

Number of winning entries:6 size

bonuses:10000 Renminbi (RMB)( withGAS Issued in the form of coins)

Work I

The Reloaded Witch-Matrix

developers: MoeJu Games (Moejo Network)

Game description: Reloaded Witch-Matrix is a casual, lightly competitive blockchain-based handheld game with a strategic, turn-based card battle game at its core. 1.A blockchain-based economic system for non-rising games! 2.Game assets are identified and traded. 3.Guild Boss Annihilation Battle System (Battle as Mining) 4.Formation of a blockchain-based gaming community.

Github address.

View details of the work at.

Work 2

《 a hollow》

developers: Wang Chenjia, Mu Jiaqi

Game description: a hollow, A model based onNEO Strategy Card Game for Blockchain。 The game applies the self-developedFairy Smart contracts andNEL Provided by the communitySgas contractual, Achieving a gold coin withSGAS1:1 equivalency exchange。 Enter the valley of the spirits to hunt the elves of legend, And buy and sell elves in the mall, Get Gold Coins。 Using elemental enhancement elves, In the arena a higher down, Winners will be rewarded handsomely。 All assets including gold coins、 elves、 The elements and the tickets needed for the hunting competition are all up-linked, Protect the security and tamper-evident nature of player assets, Incorporating the features of blockchain。

Github address.

View details of the work at.

Work 3


developers: Wei Qiu

Game description: The countdown to the end of each round of the game is set24 hour。 Players can place bets in the prize poolGAS。 Each betGAS middle,20% will be assigned directly to players who have joined the game, The allocation ratio is based on the proportion of each player's contribution to the prize pool;79% will be placed in the prize pool;1% Owned by the developer。 Each bet resets the countdown。 When the countdown is zero, The last player to bet will receive the entire prize poolGAS The total amount25%。 The rest75% All players participating in this round of the game are allocated according to the proportion of each player's contribution to the prize pool。

Github address.

View details of the work at.

Works IV

《FishOne catch fish》

developers:FishOne studio

Game description: FishOne Fishing is a fishing game that runs digital assets on blockchain contracts. The fishery is one of those digital assets. Users who purchase a fishery on the platform are open to running their own fishing games within the fishery. Fishery owners can set their own pumping ratios within a fixed interval, and by operating for a long time with different pumping ratios, fishery owners are bound to earn more profits.

Github address.

View details of the work at.

Work 5

《 Paradise Island Mahjong》

developers:Crypto Labs

Game description:《 Paradise Island Mahjong》 It's a board game based on blockchain technology, accessNEOGAMESDK, You can open your wallet directly from within the game, carry outGas together withSgas 1:1 equivalence conversion, AvailableSgas Buy game assets( diamond), The game asset isMJ Smart contract management, All about asset transactions are chained, Secure player assets。 It is also different from traditional chess cards, The game data contains the starting deck、 The process of playing cards、 End the card game and other information, Store them all in chains, and visually exposed to the user to view, Make sure the information is not tampered with。

Github address.

View details of the work at.

Works six

《 Glory football》

developers: Rice to play with

Game description: Football Pride is a football game that runs digital assets on blockchain contracts, in which the player team takes on the role of a club's manager, gaining various resources through constant matches for the team and simulated business upgrades for the club's buildings. Then recruit better players as well as train to improve the players as well as the overall team. The game allows players to run their own football club, open to other players for matches for draws, and regular users can earn digital asset currency from the act of participating in the business.

Github address.

View details of the work at.

with respect to“NEO Game Incentive plans”

1、90 Comprehensive exercise backup procedures
2、Elasticsearch 5x Installation and Configuration
3、The reason for the failed participation in the ICO turned out to be GasLimit25200
4、29CException Handling
5、GNSSSDR installation process based on virtual machine under Win7

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