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Nachi premieres AI Smart Cockpit at Beijing Auto Show, draws fans to stop and watch

Rose Hongwan April 27, in this Beijing auto show, Nachi released AI intelligent cabin, such a new design concept attracted many car fans friends to stop around to understand.

As we all know, large auto shows in the automotive industry have the significance of the wind vane, what is the wind vane, look at everyone's concept car will be able to see a glimpse of two. No one can accurately predict the future, but everyone will use concept cars to showcase the exploration of future trends. At the Beijing Auto Show, Nachi brought a new concept car and showed the design concept of AI intelligent cockpit.

In the age of electric motors, eliminating the need for a driveshaft and prepping a slim cabin layout, you and I would easily notice that all the concepts have short front and rear overhang distances and plenty of interior ride space even for the smallest of concepts. The car also features Nachi's signature "back stroke" design that articulates the sliding roofline, creating a distinctive "Double Line" feature line on the side of the car.

The intelligent design concept inside the car is the most important. The design concept of "AI intelligent concept cabin" consists of six parts, covering AI - artificial intelligence, AR - augmented reality, ADAS high-level driving assistance, SAFE worry-free safety and security, SPACE more humane space, MINIMALISM minimalist design style.

Previously, we already had a detailed explanation of the design concept of the "AI Intelligent Concept Cabin", please click on the text or the image link below: "The first dashboard-less design of Nachi's new concept cabin explained".

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