Nanning people hurry up and check themselves! Another "deadly" mobile phone vulnerability: someone can use his phone to steal your money!

Emergency diffusion!

Stop clicking on the bonus links.

A new mobile phone vulnerability has been discovered

You can use his phone and swipe your money!

What's going on? Speed understanding

As the New Year approaches

The little ones started sending and receiving red packets frequently

But have you ever thought

The day when you click on a bonus link

Your information was instantly "cloned" on another phone?

And others can use that account just like you do

Swipe your money and check your privacy!

It's not a cut-rate chick sensation.

In the mobile app you installed

There really could be such a loophole

On the afternoon of January 9, a new type of attack against the Android mobile operating system was announced, this "attack" can instantly clone your phone's application to the attacker's phone, and clone your payment QR code, to carry out covert theft.

How did your money get stolen?

On phones upgraded to the latest Android 8.1.0

The "attacker" sends a message to the user

Mobile phone text messages containing malicious links

Once the user clicks on it, they see a real red packet grabbing page on their phone. But in fact, the user's account was "cloned" into the "attacker's" phone in a second, and the account name and user avatar were identical.

Then the "attacker" can view the user's information at will.

and can operate the app directly

or so

Can this cloned phone be consumed normally?

The reporter went to the mall to conduct a simple test

Through the cloned QR code, the reporter easily scanned the code to spend successfully at the mall.

Because small swipe payments don't require a password, once a cloning attack is hit, the attacker can use their own phone and spend someone else's money entirely.

For more details, please visit the video

(WiFi recommended)

How scary is this "app clone"?

(WiFi recommended)

This is like trying to get into your hotel room in the past and needing to break the lock, but the way it is now is by copying a copy of your hotel room card and not only being able to get in and out at any time, but also spending money at the hotel in your name," the Tencent executive said metaphorically. "

Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab researcher Wang Yongke said that The attacker can completely manipulate the account on his phone, including viewing private information and even stealing the money inside

Network security engineers told reporters that compared with past attacks, cloning attacks are more stealthy and less likely to be detected. Because instead of hacking into your phone multiple times, it just moves the content out of your phone app and operates elsewhere.

Experts say that Whenever a mobile app is vulnerable, data in the app can be copied once you click on an attack link in a text message, or scan a malicious QR code.

Currently, "application cloning" This vulnerability is only valid for Android, while Apple phones are not affected. In addition, Tencent says there are no known cases of attacks launched using this route.

or soWhat can you do to prevent it??

One is to have fewer links sent to you by others, and not to scan less certain QR codes out of curiosity.

More importantly, keep an eye out for official upgrades, including your operating system and phone apps, which really need to be upgraded in a timely manner.

Let it be known!

It's New Year's Eve. Keep your hands to yourself.

Don't click on the mobile links and don't scan the codes!

Happy New Year from Chelsea.

High five, everyone, and click the zan!

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