National Cyber Security Awareness Week 2018 Part 2 - Email Security!

National Cyber Security Awareness Week 2018 Anime Series

②--Mail Security

Emails that people send and receive almost daily. In the age of network information technology, e-mail has become a common communication tool and has also become the main communication tool within the enterprise.

However, email security is also becoming increasingly prominent, gradually becoming a major area of telecom fraud and ransomware attacks. How can I make my email more secure? Here's a set of cartoons that you can learn from.

# Transmission encryption #


Some hotels or public networks have poor security and it is easy for hackers to hack into their gateway devices and monitor network traffic. If incoming and outgoing emails are not encrypted, it is easy for hackers to restore the email body and attachments after catching these packets.


◆ Ensure that the transmission channel is encrypted when sending or receiving sensitive emails

◆Whether the transmission of WEB mailbox is encrypted depends on whether the URL (web address) is HTTP or HTTPS, with S means it is encrypted transmission.

◆The encryption setting of the mail client is usually to check the SSL in the sending and receiving server settings.

# Fishing accessories #


There are many different types of phishing emails, and using emails to fraudulently respond to sensitive information is the easiest and most common form of phishing.


◆Look: Look at the email sender's address, signature and other information, whether it is your acquaintance, whether it is the system email, whether it is a suspicious address

◆Hearing: Listen more to the opinions of people around you; scammers won't fool everyone

◆Q: It is safest to call and confirm directly with the person concerned.

◆Cut: A technician who knows some computer can check the real IP address of the sender and analyze the content of the email header

# Annex virus #


Most of the popular ransomware emails are in English, with the subject and body luring users to open attachments. This virus encrypts the document with such strength that it can be said to be unbreakable and only payment can decrypt the document.


◆ Must be installed but don't trust the anti-virus software completely

◆Make sure your email client disables access to the executable file, you can test it by sending yourself a file with .exe suffix

◆ All types of files can carry viruses, not just executable files with exe/js/bat suffixes, non-executable files are more difficult to exploit and need to exploit related vulnerabilities

Email Security Tips

(a) Mail transmission should be encrypted so that hackers can intercept it and find it difficult to decipher.

Caution with various attachments and high risk with executable documents.

default browser other than IE, do not click on unfamiliar links.

Don't panic when things go wrong; phone confirmation is the magic bullet.

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