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Lepidoptera Species Resources in the Zhucang Mountain Nature Reserve Completed in Xianju County databases

databases It contains 1,022 species of Lepidoptera, including 950 species of moths and 72 species of butterflies; 3,036 pictures of butterfly moths and 1,142 pictures of specimens are included. (as of 19 October 2017)

The database is one of the results of the project "Research on Lepidoptera Diversity in Jucang Mountain Nature Reserve", which is an important scientific research result integrating the results of the survey of lepidopteran species resources in the reserve and the management technology of the resource information database.

The corresponding research paper, "Construction of Lepidoptera Database in Jucang Mountain Nature Reserve", was published in the journal Hubei Agricultural Science, No. 24, 2017, which was included in the catalogue of Chinese core journals of science and technology.

The thesis takes the construction of the database of Lepidoptera in Zhejiang Xianju Zhucang Mountain Nature Reserve as an example, and uses Microsoft Access to propose technical solutions for database framework structure construction, form page design, and information data input to achieve efficient management of insect specimen data information.

The corresponding research paper, "List of Lepidoptera in Zhejiang Xianju Zhucang Mountain Nature Reserve I", has been completed, and the species name identification will be confirmed by experts again.

This paper reports on the list of insects of the Lepidoptera Limacodidae, Hook Moths Drepanidae, Ripple Moths Thyatiridae, Silkworm Moths Bombycidae, Dead Leaf Moths Lasiocampidae, Large Silkworm Moths Saturniidae, Banded Moths Eupterotida, Rhynchomoths Brahmaeidae, and Sky Moths Sphingidae in the Bracken Mountain Nature Reserve, with 125 species in 9 families and 79 genera.

The data on the results of the butterfly moth species resource survey are selected from more than 2,200 butterfly moths, more than 1,600 pin-plug specimens and more than 12,000 high-definition pictures collected by the scientific researchers of Xianju County Forestry Bureau, after nearly four years of field survey in the reserve.

Of the 1022 species of butterfly moths recorded, 520 species have been identified to species and 91 species to genus, belonging to 41 families and 426 genera. Among them, five species have been confirmed as new record species in Zhejiang Province, and there are some suspected new record species in China and new record species in Zhejiang Province, which will continue to be investigated and studied in the future, and the unidentified species will continue to invite experts for identification.

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