cool hit counter Near the Chinese New Year, standard pigs up a little, big pigs waste, send pre-holiday gift_Intefrankly

Near the Chinese New Year, standard pigs up a little, big pigs waste, send pre-holiday gift


Mainstream prices continue to fall without a hint of abatement. Standard hogs were slightly higher before the holidays because of strengthening demand. But big pig prices are not optimistic, the Northeast local big pig prices have fallen below 5.5 yuan, and even more to 5.23 price. As pork consumption is going to fall off a cliff after the holidays, it is estimated that big hog sales are under unprecedented pressure nationwide.


Retail pork prices rose everywhere. City supermarkets are entering the pre-spring sprint with prices of various items going up.

Pig prices by region

The decline in prices across the region has been tempered by the return of standard hogs to the market. However, when viewed in conjunction with the holiday season, this is still a short-lived price increase.

Very good view

The price of pigs has fallen and experts, gurus, gods, professors, gurus, gurus, celestial masters, etc. from all sorts of doors are running out to predict it. Everyone's a god in the age of the Internet. This one says he has 30 years of big data on pig prices, that one says he has a sixth sense, and the best is the way of drawing lots to tell fortunes, in short, it is very hilarious. To be fair, the Chinese Zhou Yi is definitely a very rigorous discipline, but being able to use it skillfully is never a one-day process. Without decades of dedicated research, that's nonsense. As for big data, it is backed by the jewel of human intelligence - the vast amount of mathematical knowledge that can support it. It's almost the holiday season, and we're not afraid to talk about the big numbers, so let's summarize them in extra small numbers (pre-holiday bonanza). From January 2007 to now, we have found that when hog prices are at $9.50-$9, they are the easiest to change, up or down, and the process from $7 to $6.50 is very, very fast. So, remember in the future, once hog prices fall below $7, the next drop from $7 to $6 is very swift. But once it falls below $6, it slows down instead; if it falls below $5, it will accelerate again. As for why here, I'll give you more details later, so that's it for today. Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

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