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Nearly 100,000 Bell Canada users' information hacked, change your password now!

In recent weeks, it seems that none of the Canadian mobile operating companies have had a good time. Former Rogers employee exposes unethical sales tactics, now it's Bell's turn to hack user info ......

Ottawa local time yesterday morning (Jan. 23), Bell Canada claimed in official media that the personal information of nearly 100,000 users had been hacked. Earlier, a Bell spokesperson confirmed that the hackers had obtained information including account numbers, contact numbers, email addresses and usernames. This is the second time in a year since Bell customer information was reportedly hacked last May.

The RCMP is currently investigating the incident, and Bell, for its part, has let government authorities know about the cybercrime. As of now, Bell has upgraded its security measures and users are required to enter more authentication information when logging into their personal accounts.

Given that the current hack is not over, who knows if they got the credit card as well as bank account information of the users. Bell and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police warn users to be vigilant at all times, and it's best to change their passwords for added security. And all users can do is pray that Bell fixes the vulnerability before hackers can successfully obtain financial information.

(Compiled by Jenny, CFC correspondent)

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