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Netease and Youjia B&B reached a strategic cooperation, the layout of 5000 sets of "strictly selected HOME" B&B nationwide

On June 26th, Netease's self-owned lifestyle e-commerce brand "Netease Yansei" and Ctrip's B&B chain brand "Youjia B&B" held a strategic cooperation ceremony in Shanghai. The two sides announced on the spot that NetEase has become the preferred whole-house soft furnishing partner of Youjia B&B, and the first "Yanxiang Home@Youjia B&B" it has been working on has entered the trial operation stage in Guangzhou. This B&B is designed by Yanxiang, and most of the furniture and soft furnishings in the house are made of Yanxiang products, creating a new model of "travel + residence + consumption" B&B space experience.

Strategic cooperation Launch site

  The site also revealed that the two sides will quickly replicate the model in the future, and plan to lay out 5,000 sets of "strictly selected HOME" B&B in the country, providing a series of products of quality and peace of mind for domestic B&B experience.

The first cooperation project officially opened, creating a new model of "travel + residence + consumption"

  At the "New B&B, New Beauty" Youjia B&B 2018 Strategy Launch and Netease Yanxiang Strategic Cooperation Launching Ceremony, we learned that the two sides took the lead in launching the first set of "Yanxiang Home@Youjia B&B" in Guangzhou, and have already started booking on the online platform. This set of B&B not only selects quality home products from many categories of Netease, but also provides the order portal for corresponding products in different scenarios, allowing users to enjoy quality accommodation and open a convenient experience of "travel + residence + consumption" at the same time.

   It is understood that this "Strictly Homes @ Youjia B&B" is located near the Guangzhou Tower, with a great viewing experience and many surrounding attractions to make travel more relaxing. The interior is decorated with a selection of NetEase quality home furnishings, dishes, beds, sofas, wall hangings and other small and large pieces are carefully selected and arranged to be both beautiful and functional. Meanwhile, the bathroom is equipped with a smart toilet seat cover, new this year from Stern Choice, to emphasize the homey feel in the details. The decoration style is literary and minimalist, breaking the status quo of many domestic B&Bs with their simple and outdated decoration.

Photos of cooperative B&Bs

   In addition to providing a "quality space" living experience, the B&Bs that NetEase has partnered with Youjia also offer a convenient "what you buy is what you see" consumption system tailored to the experience. A warm and simple tip is placed next to all kinds of strictly selected products in several scenes, such as living room, bedroom and bathroom, and if users are satisfied with the products they experience, they can immediately place an order online for purchase by scanning the QR code near the product and also enjoy exclusive offers. By spending time with the product, it invariably builds the user's trust in Yansei. The user can simply scan the code and spend in the room, and receive the familiar and favorite Yansei products when they return home.

Launch site

   "In addition to Guangzhou, our B&Bs in Beijing, Shanghai and other places are also in preparation, and we expect to meet you soon", revealed Mo Zirui, Deputy General Manager of NetEase, "The first batch of collaborative B&B projects strive to be boutique, and were tested at the site selection stage, finally finding a project with local architectural features and good transportation, which will soon present a refreshing feeling after being renovated by the professional design team of NetEase".

Two self-owned brands join forces, 5,000 sets of B&B plan to layout nationwide

   The two brands' insistence on self-operated quality makes it possible for them to "join forces".

   Youjia B&B is China's first "comfort" B&B chain brand, taking the lead in connecting branded B&B chains, offline traffic entrances and experiential marketing scenarios, defining a new category of tourism accommodation industry and opening up a "new B&B era". With the mission of "making travel better", Youjia B&B is committed to becoming the most trusted and loved new B&B. The first financing received tens of millions of dollars of strategic investment from Ctrip, Tujia and 58 Industry Fund.

   As a self-owned life selection e-commerce brand of Netease, Netease Yanxiao, with the brand concept of "good life, not so expensive", was officially launched in April 2016. In order to pass the brand concept to more users, starting from the cross-border cooperation of Yanzhuo Hotel, NetEase Yanzhuo has been exploring the possibility of offline scenes and successfully launched the scene concept of "Yanzhuo HOME". Currently, Stern Choice HOME has cooperated with youth communities, long term rental apartments and home improvement companies, forming a matrix of Stern Choice style offline scenes through a wide variety of Stern Choice sample rooms and one-stop soft furnishing solutions available for purchase.

   Whether it is 163 email, NetEase News or NetEase Cloud Music, it is because of NetEase's ultimate pursuit of user experience and its high respect for craftsmanship that NetEase's self-owned e-commerce brand, NetEase Yanxiao, was born. This time, NetEase and "Youjia B&B", which is also self-owned by the brand, have joined hands to ensure the best quality space and product experience for users.

  "The majority of individual landlords' operational capabilities and service levels need to be improved, and a large number of B&B properties are of low quality and have inadequate facilities, so the platform alone cannot fundamentally address the unstable user experience. Therefore, we decided to launch Youjia B&B in a branded self-owned model", said Shen Zhiqiang, founder and CEO of Youjia B&B, "Just like the word strictly selected, each property launched by Youjia B&B also needs to go through an exceptionally strict screening process. In the next 1 year, we plan to jointly lay out 5,000 B&Bs with Yanshu in the country to provide users with a more quality B&B option."

  Two-way empowerment to capture the 10 billion market, strict selection of offline scenes and then expand

   In China, the B&B market has huge market development potential, with some data showing that, according to preliminary statistics, the B&B transaction scale is expected to be nearly 20 billion yuan in 2018. But the huge development space is not matched by the current B&B market is a variety of competitive chaos and irregularities in operation, the consumer demand for high-quality B&B rise and the existing supply of quality B&B imbalance is the main problem facing the B&B market at this stage.

   The strategic cooperation between NetEase and Home B&B has not only empowered both brands, but also created a precise "combo" for the pain points of the B&B market.

   On the one hand, with the new experience scenario of B&B, NetEase Yansei allows the concept of Yansei HOME to penetrate into more user scenarios and realize the deep penetration of quality products to the target customer group. On the other hand, there is a family B&B with strictly selected quality endorsement, quickly obtain more recognition and support of the new middle class group. The complementary advantages of both sides' traffic and clientele are conducive to strengthening the industry reputation and market competitiveness of both brands by NetEase and Youjia B&B.

   What's more, for the B&B market, the two brands target several pain points in the domestic B&B market, such as unregulated prices, inconsistent experiences and uncomfortable processes, and provide consumers with more choices and guarantees through the integration of advantageous resources.

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