Netflix 2018 "Cybersecurity Awareness Week" gives you a guide to safe Internet access

Cybersecurity Learning

September 17-24 is National Cyber Security Awareness Week, and this year's theme is "Cyber Security for the People, Cyber Security by the People". We, as a qualified and good Internet user, should have certain knowledge of Internet security and Internet security protection skills, and pay more attention to improving Internet security awareness and preventing Internet security risks!

Cybersecurity Learning Manual

Guide to Safe Internet Access

(i) Computer security

What network security precautions should be taken during computer use

1.Installation of firewall and anti-virus software and frequent upgrades.

2.Pay attention to patching the system frequently to plug software vulnerabilities; 3. Don't go to some websites you don't know much about, don't execute software downloaded from the Internet without antivirus treatment, don't open unknown files sent over MSN or QQ, etc.

5 Tips for Safe Internet Access

1.Stay up to date

Not only should you keep your operating system updated, but you should also keep your antivirus software and other common applications up to date.

2.Password Security

Do not use use one password for multiple places; use longer secrets (e.g., 15 digits); provide password strength and recommend using special characters + letters + numbers combinations (e.g., %^a113jobBole#@); if you have many account passwords, it is recommended that you use professional password management software. software

While computer viruses seem to be ahead of security software, security software can still help you block a lot of malware. Keep your antivirus and security software up to date.

4.on guard at all times

Security software isn't foolproof, so when it comes to information security and computer security, you have to be paranoid and question everything! Even if it's a link a friend sent you, make sure it's clear!

5. keep one's hands clean

No matter how hot the pictures and videos are, no matter how tempting the words are, no matter how low priced or even free the stuff is, please clean up your act, there is no free lunch online.

Internet security is closely related to us, and we need to learn about it to better comply with the trend of the Internet era.

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