"Netflix" Smart Spring Festival Couplets Add New Year's Flavor to 2018

When the Chinese New Year comes in 2018, CCTV.com has also made an innovation around Spring Festival couplets by launching the "Smart Spring Festival Couplet" H5, which is created with the help of artificial intelligence: users can search for "Smart Spring Festival Couplet" by Baidu on their mobile phones, and simply enter the keywords, and a pair of Spring Festival couplets that meet the requirements of the couplet will be presented in front of them immediately.

Of course, this is not about revamping the spring couplets, but about igniting interest in creating and writing them in a fun, modern way.

Artificial intelligence for the Spring Festival Couplet Friends in the circle to post the Spring Festival Couplet

Many people want to write a different Chinese New Year couplet themselves, but unfortunately they don't know much about the laws of the couplet.

Can we use artificial intelligence to help us write the spring couplets?

CCTV.com and Baidu AI tried to launch "Smart Spring Festival Couplet", by giving a large number of Spring Festival Couplets to AI to learn, so that "Smart Spring Festival Couplet" has the ability to create Spring Festival Couplets.

Open the "Smart Spring Festival Couplet" H5

Enter any keyword from 2 to 4 words

The "Smart Spring Festival Couplet" will create a personalized Spring Festival couplet with the words entered by the user.

For example, if you type in "Yijiajia nongye", the artificial intelligence will create a spring couplet with the following couplet: "Yijiajia nongye is three thousand years old, and here is a third of life" and the banner reads "The clouds are steaming";

When you type in "Midtown Gateway", you will get a spring couplet with the top and bottom lines "The Chinese land is good for Midtown, the earth is good for the sea," and the crossword "The earth is spring".

If you are not satisfied with the output spring couplets, click the Refresh button and the system will generate a new set of spring couplets.

In addition, the H5 also provides Spring Festival couplets recommended by couplet experts, and users can select their favorite couplets from the "Selected Spring Festival Couplets".

In the era of mobile internet, people often send greetings to each other through social networks in addition to visiting their families during the New Year.

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