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Network Security and Informatization: Chance Lingdeng joins hands with Yizhuang International Industrial Internet Research Institute to jointly develop the cloud security market

In the "Micro-isolation Product Security Technical Requirements Standard Seminar" held on May 26, the first domestic micro-isolation technical specification "Micro-isolation Product Security Technical Requirements" was released by the China Information Security Certification Center, and Rosebud became the first security startup company in China to be certified by the specification. At the seminar, Rosebud also signed a strategic agreement with Beijing Yizhuang International Industrial Internet Research Institute to set up a cloud security lab to jointly develop the cloud security market.

In the current Chinese information industry, cloud computing, the emergence and application of cloud platform technology has been more than a decade, but to this day, security is still the biggest obstacle to the development of cloud computing. In fact, the invisibility of stuff traffic in a cloud virtualized environment makes the original security deployment approach ineffective, and as the number of virtual machines increases, the corresponding security policies become increasingly complex and stale, and many reasons make enterprises less motivated to go to the cloud. How to solve the security problems of enterprises in the cloud computing environment has become an important aspect of user concern, but also an important direction for security vendors to make efforts.

The emergence of micro-isolation technology has brought new ideas to the security field, especially cloud security, by providing isolation between workloads in virtualized environments and solving the monitoring and management challenges of east-west traffic in cloud environments. (hereinafter referred to as "Qiangwei Lingdeng") is one of the few start-up security companies in China that started with adaptive micro-isolation technology. Unlike other micro-isolation security companies, Qiangwei Lingdeng micro-isolation uses the host firewall model, which is a good solution to many of the current problems facing cloud security.

At the "Micro Isolation Product Security Technical Requirements Standard Seminar" held on May 26, Beijing Yizhuang International Industrial Internet Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) and Qiangwei Lingdeng Technology Co. By establishing a joint lab, both parties will work on the research and application of cloud security technologies and products. Cui Ling, President of the Institute, said, "The establishment of this joint lab provides a new platform for the Institute and Chance Lingding to jointly explore new technologies and R&D in the field of network security, and we hope to take this opportunity to make our joint lab a key lab at the Beijing and even national level. "

With the rise of cyber security as a national strategy, the Institute has also done a lot of "Internet + information security" technology, research, application and product layout. According to Cui Ling, "The Institute is currently involved in the development of a number of national standards in the field of security, especially in the area of cloud security. In the process, we have come across many financial, government and large enterprise users who have encountered varying degrees of security technical issues during the planning and construction of their cloud platforms. The just-released micro-isolation technology standard is targeted and has good application prospects in this regard, which can effectively respond to the actual production problems faced by customers in related industries, and also fits well with the strategic direction of the Institute. "

On the other hand, through the recognition of the micro-isolation technology specification, Rosebud Lingering became the first security vendor in China to be certified by the specification. By using the deployment model of installing agent on the host machine, it is achieved independent of the underlying architecture and simple to deploy. It also achieves features such as security policies that can be automatically migrated with the host machine, which solves the problem of monitoring and managing traffic within the cloud platform and gives a bright impression. This is a testament to the unique technical strength of Rosewire's products in the cloud security market segment.

But only technology is not enough, but also needs to have an understanding and precise grasp of the user and the market, which is lacking for the start-up Rosebud. So this strategic partnership with the Institute makes up for that. By building a joint lab with the Institute, we are able to truly grasp the needs of our users," said Yan Lei, CEO of Chance Spirit. Our core competency should not only lie in our R&D capabilities, but also in the accuracy and speed of obtaining and responding to user needs. So this is a crucial aspect for us. "

The complementary strengths of both parties dictate the need for this joint laboratory。 Through the establishment of joint laboratories and the publication of technical requirements standards for micro-isolated products, While working together to drive the micro-isolation market to maturity, We also strive to better serve our users。 currently and Rosy Spirituality The joint lab is the only one in the Institute to start the technology layout in the direction of cloud security, Weicheng Zhao, vice president of the Institute, said, The future of the Joint Lab will not only be limited to micro-isolation technology but will continue to deliver leading product technology and solutions and security services that can be truly used by industry users in a wide range of cloud security areas.。

Rosy Spirituality

Founded in February 2017, Chance Spirit is dedicated to providing leading network security management products and services for virtualized data centers. The Rosewind Adaptive Security Management Platform (COMB) is an infrastructure-agnostic, software-defined security product that can provide undifferentiated micro-isolated security management services for hybrid clouds. Its main capability is to provide visualization and adaptive network security policy management for east-west traffic in data centers, which can reduce the total number of policies by 90%, reduce the attack interface by 90%, significantly improve work efficiency, significantly reduce business go-live time, significantly reduce policy deployment and adjustment time, and enable security to keep up with rapidly changing business needs.

severe thunder

Rosy SpiritualityCEO severe thunder

severe thunder Mr. holds a master's degree in computer networking and a master's degree in business administration from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications。 successivelyjuniper Senior Engineer, Beijing R&D Center, Director of Product Marketing, Netcom Technology, Vice President of Product Marketing, Yuan Jiang Shengbang。 severe thunder A deep insight into how cloud computing technology is disrupting the entireIT infrastructure, And the cybersecurity industry is sure to change dramatically around cloud computing。 New threats, The new environment, New underlying technologies will collectively reshape the cybersecurity system。 Based on this knowledge, severe thunder in2017 Founded in 2007 with adaptive micro-isolation technology as the core technology, Beijing with cloud computing security as the main target market Rosy Spirituality technology company limited。

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