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New Bitcoin BTN and 360 Finance reach strategic cooperation to build a blockchain underlying technology lab

On January 7, 2018, the 360 Financial Blockchain Research Center established the Blockchain Underlying Technology Lab, and the New Bitcoin (BTN) Foundation became its first partner. The two sides jointly announced that they will launch a deep cooperation in the field of blockchain underlying technology to promote the development of blockchain technology and the implementation of scenarios in China.

It is understood that 360 Financial Blockchain Research Center and BTN Foundation both have complementary advantages and will carry out in-depth cooperation and synergy in various fields of blockchain underlying technology, including: research and development of distributed ledger technology, new smart contract virtual machine, smart contract security field and formal verification field, new consensus mechanism, blockchain software security, blockchain and Internet security, and distributed storage and distributed computing field.

Through this strong combination, the two sides will jointly promote technology research and development, facilitate the landing of relevant scenarios in Internet-related fields, promote the development of blockchain technology in China, and enhance the global discourse and technical strength of China in blockchain-based underlying technology.

According to Liu Wei, chairman of 360 Finance, BTN Foundation as the first cooperation institution has important strategic significance for 360 Finance Blockchain Research Center, which is the first step of 360's multi-dimensional, multi-level and multi-domain strategic layout in blockchain ecology. In the future, we will also gather more blockchain experts and scholars, outstanding developers and technology geeks to build a 360 blockchain ecosystem and build a lower cost and more efficient collaboration platform with the help of blockchain technology and smart contract technology.

"Blockchain technology is now perceived as hype and speculation, which is misguided, and its true value is not being fully explored." Liu Wei said that the cooperation of the three families will leverage the breakthrough of the underlying technology to promote the change and benign development of the Internet industry with new technology and new ideas, truly realizing that technology creates value, technology leads the industry and technology benefits society.

BTN Foundation team upholds the concepts of fair gaming, sharing spirit, platform concept, open source ecology, and distributed business, and is committed to building a decentralized application platform. Yunfan Zhang, chief advisor of BTN Foundation and CEO of Vertical Literature, said that more and more companies are trying to use blockchain technology to improve efficiency, whether in the fields of finance, smart devices, healthcare, or the Internet of Things and home entertainment; in addition, blockchain technology development will also profoundly affect the changes in the concept of Internet operation in various industries.

According to Zhang Yunfan, all this means that Internet thinking has entered the blockchain thinking stage, and the information Internet era has entered the value Internet era.

Zhang Yu, secretary general of BTN Foundation, said the foundation has been working on the next generation of smart contracts. 360, a globally renowned security and search company, is full of technical experts with experience in handling tens of millions of concurrency. The intellectual collision of technicians from both sides will accelerate our smart contract go-live.

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