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New French carmaker plays with autonomous driving Navya unveils all-electric car

[AutoTech AutoTech] Compared to Japan, automakers in European countries have a strong interest in new energy technologies and autonomous driving, which of course may be the result of exceptionally strict emissions standards. After seeing the old German triad come up with very solid product plans one after the other, another European automotive powerhouse, France, is getting dumb. Previously at CES 2018, a new car brand called Navya will meet consumers around the world with its new product, the Autonom Cab. It is not only an all-electric car, but also has advanced self-driving capabilities and is expected to be marketed as a "shared mobility" vehicle in the future.

Perhaps because of the pure electric drive, the Autonom Cab has a more squared-off appearance than the average MPV. The dimensions of 4650mm/1950mm/2100mm leave plenty of room for the design team. To meet the vehicle's autonomous driving supply, the full vehicle is equipped with six cameras, four millimeter wave radars, 10 LIDARs, along with 4G wireless networking and support for V2X technology, and an autonomous driving platform from Nvidia inside the vehicle.

Not much has been officially revealed about the Autonom Cab's power. All that is known is that it has a lithium-ion power pack and a top speed of 89km/h. Judging by these numbers, it's still a self-driving vehicle aimed at intra-city travel services. Meanwhile, the vehicle takes 9 hours to charge at 16A current and 5 hours at 32A current. This is not a fast charge and still needs some faster charging if it is to be used for commercial operation.

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