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New blockchain application: blocking nuisance calls

According to a report in India's Economic Times, the number of telecom subscribers in India had reached 1.19 billion in December 2017. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is collecting contact information of hundreds of millions of subscribers and wants to protect privacy through blockchain technology. This information will only be made available to registered telemarketers under specific circumstances to combat the prevalent communications problem of unexplained calls and SMS harassment; and will also work with telecom operators and other stakeholders to address the problem within a regulatory framework using blockchain technology.

While releasing this draft blockchain application, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Chairman R.S. Sharma said:

Blockchain ensures two things - confidentiality and immutability. Only authorized persons can access user details if they are required to provide the service. TRAI will be the first organization to implement this program.

With blockchain technology in hand, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is confident that the scheme will soon come into effect.

This draft would require users to grant permission before accepting any communication, but also to view and revoke it at any time; the blockchain distributed ledger would record all communications between the user and the telecom company to obtain the user's permission. To protect authorized users, the draft also proposes to prevent the repeated misuse of information by persons of unknown origin.

India's draft "Telecom Business Customer Preference Management" will be available for comment on June 11. If the draft is indeed feasible, then these problems of incoming calls and SMS harassment that plague mobile phone users around the world will literally be broken by blockchain technology, and blockchain applications will further improve our lives.

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