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New development of domestic operating system: Huawei will carry, the meaning behind say you do not believe it

New development of domestic operating system: Huawei will carry, the meaning behind say you do not believe it

With the development of domestic technology, in just even years of time, we have a lot of domestic computer brands, which have a lot of computer brands in the international are still extremely high status; although we have now made some achievements in the computer, but in the system research and development is really never any take off, recently there is a news about the domestic system. Huawei servers will be equipped with domestic systems, the meaning behind it said you can not believe it

After this news emerged, whether for the industry or between outsiders have aroused great interest, today this article to talk to you about Huawei servers equipped with domestic systems this matter, first of all now can say a word about the meaning behind this matter.

Huawei as a technology company in our domestic and international have a huge influence, it can be the first to use in our country's own system, in fact, this has profoundly affected a lot of other technology companies, the biggest significance is to promote the development of our domestic system optimization play a very huge role, in addition to some technology companies also have a certain role in guiding, so on the matter of Huawei to use the domestic system for our domestic system certainly has a very huge positive role.

The development speed of Huawei in these years is very amazing, no matter in the hardware breakthrough or software progress, are very huge, for Huawei this time the first to use the domestic system, in fact, there are still some people in the industry is not at all optimistic.

Compared with Microsoft's system, there is no doubt that there are a lot of problems, in addition to the technical immaturity, more or experience, compared with Microsoft has been engaged in the development of the system for many years, the domestic system compared with its no doubt still seems to have some too young.

In fact, Huawei as a technology giant, in fact, has long considered these issues, the domestic system is not mature enough is an indisputable fact, but if there has not been any company turns out to take the lead in using the domestic system, then the domestic system will only be a system that is not mature enough after all, so that for a domestic technology giant, in fact, has such an obligation.

In fact, the system has a very important role for information security, the reason why our country is so relentless in seeking the development of the system, looking forward to belong to our own system, all the systems are from other countries, which is actually very unfavorable for domestic information security, so that although the domestic system still has a long way to go, but the significance of its development is still very huge.

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