cool hit counter New in Beauty Class, an expert course to take you through the Internet of Things and Blockchain!_Intefrankly

New in Beauty Class, an expert course to take you through the Internet of Things and Blockchain!

beauty course Course is new!

In this new course, experts will bring you

The Internet of Things and blockchain technology The Development

Talking to you about the blockchain and IoT technologies that are all the rage right now

In recent years, the

Countries around the world are successively bringing IoT technologies

Integration into key strategic layouts.

blockchain technology reliability of data recording, the

Transparency of asset attribution, transaction-as-settlement.

Based on Trusted Data and Trusted Smart Contracts

the cross-thematic collaboration achieved.

These characteristics have been applied to some extent to the IoT industry, the

Ability to solve for the IoT industry

Some of the issues of data privacy security and value mining.


For more great analysis.

Stay tuned. beauty courseAPP- Expert courses

How to download beauty class

WeChat scan the following QR code


Possible scenarios where the APP cannot be downloaded.

1、Mobile device, system and version adaptation requirements

Support for iOS and Android systems, not Symbian, windows phone, etc..

iOS support for iPhone phones 7.0 and above.

Android support 4.2 and above.

Phones that do not meet the above requirements are not supported for download.

2、Android machine meets the version, but the download fails

After clicking "Download Now" on your Android phone, if the download fails despite good network conditions, for example, as shown in the picture.

You can click on the download page "If you are unable to download, please try using this link to do so" The prompt to download.

In this age of mobile connectivity, the learning paradigm demands efficiency and keeping up with the times!" beauty course" Gathering the industrial resources and technical advantages of MPC Information Security College for more than ten years, where there are not only MPC technical experts, but also fine courses and professional teaching!

pass (a bill or inspection)" beauty course" You can use fragmented time to get MPC's latest product usage tutorials anytime, anywhere, to fully understand MPC's latest developments, and to learn various professional cutting-edge skills courses such as electronic data forensics, comprehensive forensics, network information security, etc.!

The platform continues to be constantly improved, follow the steps below to install" beauty course"Let's learn together.

first step

APP Download Address

The specific process is shown in the following diagram

1. Scan the above QR code

2, follow the prompts to use the mobile browser to open the link page

3. Click on "Download Now"

second step

When installing an app on some Apple phones, the system will issue an "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" prompt, as shown below.

When you encounter the above problem, you need to manually go to the settings to add trust. The steps are as follows.


Open Settings - General


Find "Profile & Device Management", "Profile" or "Device Management" in General (the names may vary from model to model). Open Xiamen Tiyong Software Technology in Enterprise applications.


Click Trust "Xiamen Yiyong Software Technology" and add the app as trust.


After the WeChat update, many people have reported to me that it's hard to find MPC in the cluttered list of messages!

In fact, it can be solved with a few simple steps, follow the 3 steps right away and set MPC as Starred top Let's not miss it anymore~

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