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New weekly appliance quotes look at the three dominant trends in the color TV world for 2018!

Artificial intelligence becomes the standard for TVs.With the wide application of artificial intelligence technology, our life has also entered the era of intelligence, and every electronic product is closely related to artificial intelligence. In this CES, TV products equipped with artificial intelligence technology have the most outstanding performance, and smart TV has become one of the current consumer purchase criteria. According to the newly released "2017 China TV Consumption and 2018 Trend Forecast Report", the Chinese market sold about 48 million units of color TVs in 2017, basically the same as in 2016; the most prominent highlight is the significant increase in market share of artificial intelligence TVs, which increased by 80% year-on-year. From this consumer trend, it is predicted that artificial intelligence will become standard for color TV products in 2018.

Big screen TVs blossom. Nowadays, 55" and even 65" large screen TVs are the mainstream in the color TV world. In this year's CES, the large-screen TVs even brought a super stunning visual experience, attracting the attention of many visitors to the show. And according to industry experts, these large-screen TV sets are expected to occupy a larger consumer market in 2018, bringing dividends and spring water to the color TV industry in a big way.

OLED TV mainstreaming. Last year, under the trend of rapid upgrading of the color TV industry, OLED TV, with its own unique advantages, quickly became a mainstream product in the color TV industry. In 2018, OLED TVs are set to explode again, showing extraordinary strength. According to AVC, the Chinese OLED TV market is expected to continue its strong rise in 2017 in 2018, with sales expected to grow 300%.

It's easy to see from the CES 2018 trends that AI, large screen and OLED TVs will make a big splash this year. And as a fairly strong brand in the color TV industry, Skyworth also showed a unique side at CES. Skyworth showed the Wallpaper series of products that overturned the shape of TVs to users around the world, with a unique and stunning shape design.

During CES 2018, Skyworth showcased its Wallpaper Series 65" W9, 77" W8 and other OLED TVs, which shocked the crowd with their super large screens and ultra-immersive visual effects. This time, Skyworth showed a variety of OLED TVs, representing the strength of Chinese color TV brands in technological innovation, while also showing Skyworth's firm layout direction on OLED TVs.

At CES, Skyworth's OLED TVs have won strong appreciation and recognition from attendees, both for their stunning performance in picture quality and for the stunning visual effects of their large-screen, bezel-less design.

As consumer demands continue to escalate, we will find that consumer demand for TVs will also become more diverse. Therefore, in 2018 Skyworth will continue to make technological upgrades and adhere to the direction of OLED TV development, while also constantly improving and enriching TV content to bring consumers more choices.

I believe that in the new year, Skyworth TV will use its strength to pry the 2018 color TV market!

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