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Nine careers that are going away in a big way

The news editor] artificial intelligence has developed to a certain level, writing press releases such things for the AI is a piece of cake, and the news category requires concise and clear news, which the AI is very good at, and now there are some news companies have adopted AI to write press releases, I believe that soon the press release editor position will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Translators] Translators have long been nothing new, and simultaneous interpretation equipment has begun to be commercialized. The demand for low and mid-level translators is slowly decreasing, and in the future ordinary translators will disappear.

The stenographer was once a fat job, a qualified stenographer needs a long time to practice and accumulate skills, and the high demand of the market makes the stenographer's income very considerable, a meeting fee of 1000 yuan is the normal price, but with the continuous development of technology, the demand for stenographers is less and less, in the future the ordinary stenographer will have no market, and the low-end stenographer will slowly disappear in the field of vision.

[Bank tellers] Bank tellers have a heavy workload, a single boring job, and most of the work is simple access to money. Now that many unmanned banks have been tested across the country, it is believed that the number of ordinary bank tellers will also decrease sharply in the near future.

Cashier] The cashier's work form is more single than the bank teller, basically there is no technical content, so the major supermarkets have launched the unmanned cashier, and like the small bean network developed by the unmanned convenience store also like a spring, so the disappearance of the cashier is the general trend.

"Guide" was active in the major supermarkets and shopping malls of the guide fewer and fewer buyers, the reason is very simple, the previous information is not smooth, consumers do not know what is suitable for their own what is not suitable, but now people's vision is more and more broad, we know what they want, no longer listen to the guide.

"Mobile phone repairman" function machine era, repair mobile phone is very hot occupation, when the mobile phone price is also easy to fail, all kinds of cottage machine also has no sound after-sales system, now to the smartphone era, mobile phone prices are not easy to bad, after-sales service is more and more perfect, now people's mobile phone problems if the warranty period to go after-sales free repair, if the warranty period directly change a new, so mobile phone repair workers are more and more no market.

"Assembly line workers" once did not have the education and skills of young people to the electronics factory to do assembly line workers is a good way out, but now the situation has changed, first of all, the major factories began to use robots on a large scale, the demand for general workers is getting lower and lower, and secondly, young people do not like the monotony of life in the factory, the most important thing is that now the service industry has developed, when a waiter's salary is higher than the factory, work is more free and comfortable than the factory, why not.

"Traditional farmers" before people want to enter the city, do not want to do an unseemly farmer in their hometown, but now they find that even if they go home can not be farmers, a large number of land flow to the hands of large farmers, modern agriculture is large-scale mechanical operations, no funds, no technology really can not be a new type of professional farmers.

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