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Nissan advises that it's safer to drive with a helmet!

Controlling things with your mind in many people's minds is a scenario that only occurs in science fiction or science fiction movies. But today some of it has become a reality.

All you need to do is put on a high-tech hat and you can translate instructions into actual action via brainwave ideation.

For example: control of electric lights

Control the coffee machine

It's not impossible to drive with your mind.

And on the subject of driving with intent, it's not impossible, in fact, a long time ago, an experiment like this was conducted at NKU. At that time, the experimenter wore an EEG signal collection device with 16 collection points on his head, and then "gave orders" to a car equipped with a computer processing system and an on-board electronic control unit through the EEG signal, and at that moment the car, under the control of the human brain, executed the prescribed commands such as start, straight forward, straight reverse, brake, etc., all without problems.

Only the car wasn't fast and the movements involving the mechanical operation of the car, such as pulling the handbrake and steering, didn't work, plus the signal accuracy was mediocre.

With this helmet you can achieve the realm of unity of man and vehicle!

And recently, Nissan's Brain to Vehicle (B2V) showcased at the Consumer Electronics in Las Vegas is a little different from the above mentioned driving with intent and driverless, where the driver has to wear this this B2V helmet to capture brainwave signals in addition to holding on to the steering wheel while driving! When you see this, you may be thinking, isn't that redundant? Driving with a helmet! Neither is it, in fact it does so in an attempt to use brain signals on driving operations to further enhance the driver's driving experience and safety!

This is because there is a time lag and bias between what the human brain envisions and the actual movement of the hand. Imagine a car on the road suddenly changing lanes, a pedestrian suddenly leaping out of the way, or a sudden sharp brake on the highway, and other problems that could result in a nasty accident if you react a little slower.

When you wear this B2V system helmet, the EEG tracer inside the system will monitor your brain every moment of the day. The helmet captures brainwave signals and can tell the driver's intentions to the vehicle 300 milliseconds in advance, at which point the vehicle's assisted driving system will automatically turn on and synchronize to support the driver's actions.

Suppose we are driving at 100km/h, when you want to give the braking command, the car will react first without waiting for you to apply the brakes, officially claiming that this can reduce 0.2-0.5 seconds, and the reaction distance is directly reduced by 5.6 to 14 meters. That distance could very well have saved a life.

Similarly, when we are driving, if our brain generates the intention to accelerate, turn, etc., the vehicle will prepare the driver for the next move in advance. If there is understeer and you feel anxious, the vehicle will steer faster, gradually correcting the error between the vehicle's operation and the driver's expectations.

To sum up.

Really letting go of your hands and driving with intent is not an easy task. It is important to understand that what is called intention is nothing more than a metaphor, it is essentially a brainwave and each person is a unique being, the brainwaves for braking, turning and other actions imagined by different people will vary, so before you want to let go of your hands and drive with intention, you must be trained accordingly.

Only, then again, wearing this B2V technology helmet does assist us in driving and also improves our safety while driving, and to some extent, this technology can facilitate the development of intentional driving and driverlessness in the future.

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