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No headlines, the third wave of cryptocurrency wealth: hold on to your faith and keep your patience

The digital currency is going through the worst quarter in history, the coin circle spreads panic, as a media person, Bi coin saint has obviously felt a lot of people mentality explosion, into a mad dog like see people cursing, cursing the exchange, cursing the company, cursing the dealer, cursing the sky and earth, such people already inside is already carrying a real picture.

Many people also do not understand the blockchain, and all they want is to get huge earnings from the blockchain technology, so many of them just want to copy the coins to make money, so that they can come to understand the blockchain systematically. Coin Sage feels that people's mindset is really messed up now, if there is no blockchain, how can there be digital currency? And people are thinking the opposite, how can there be a blockchain if there is no digital currency?

The first wave of opportunities to get rich into the cryptocurrency circle is definitely some technical bull; the second wave of getting rich into the cryptocurrency circle is some financiers who are more sensitive to hot spots, using the capital disk to absorb a large number of bitcoin and some other large market capitalization coins, further promoting a round of large bull market in digital currency, and then it is everyone who enters will make money; the third wave of making money will definitely be there, the blockchain is the trend of the times, and the country is now fully recognized, only after entering 2018, more and more bubble coins appear, the country and even the world must be controlled, so it leads to this round of large bear market.

If you want to become the third wave of people who get rich in the cryptocurrency circle, it is undeniable that you enter the cryptocurrency circle is already a bend in the wealth, because when the Chinese moms are known to buy coins, then this industry is bound to become a traditional industry as well. Although the digital currency has fallen so badly now, but the coin sage can responsibly tell you that the people who persist to the end, the law of two or eight will tell them the real answer. What you need to do right now is to be patient and learn, deepen yourself in the cryptocurrency world, sink your knowledge, and wait for the opportunity to hit the ground running when it comes.

It must be said that the third wave of people who get rich, confidence must be a must, followed by the experience of such a long time bear market, patience, let alone, as said before, many people now have an exploding mentality, no confidence, no patience, can not earn money to see who bites who, this kind of rats and eyes what can earn money? At this point one has to wonder about the magical law of two or eight.

"Patience" and "confidence" are the most difficult traits to develop in the trading process. In fact, I think technical analysis is very easy to learn, buy a few books to dive into, look at more K-line charts, more drawing lines will naturally form a sense. But learning technical analysis does not necessarily mean that you can make money in the long term. In fact, we can easily make money once or twice, but it is difficult to reach the realm of long-term stable money.

I think what many people lack may not only be the "art" of technical analysis, but the "way" of patience and confidence. Art and Tao have always complemented and relied on each other. It is difficult to gain long-term profits with art without art; it is difficult to accumulate original capital with art without art. The combination of Tao and Art is what makes you invincible in this market.

The technique is as important as the path, keep your patience and stick to your technique, which is to try to pursue the organic unity of the art and the path. For example, the market for digital currencies is weak right now, and I believe most people who speculate in coins should be able to see that. So from an operational standpoint, can you short term blog a bounce? It's actually doable, but is it cost effective in terms of the overall trend and control of the main running rhythm to gamble on a rally like this against the trend?

Patience is important this time of year, we experienced last year's miraculous rally, and anytime you buy in you are able to make money, only the difference between big and small gains. But in retrospect even in the midst of last year's bull run how much did you make, how many times? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

But I don't believe there are many people who can hold positions that benefit more than 100 times. Because of human nature, because the transitory fear of a profit pullback will drive you to close your position as soon as possible. Of course, the wave of digital currency bull market exceeded the performance of the vast majority of the market, Xu Xiaoping investment in Jumei but a few thousand times the return, Wang Gang investment drops 700,000 also only earned a thousand times, but this is already a myth of the investment market. But investing in digital currencies early on isn't just that.

If you can really hold the coins in a Buddhist way for more than a few years, this is the pursuit of the "Tao" and the pursuit of faith. But I believe that many people still can't do it because I always believe that faith is based on having prerequisites guaranteed. Studded digital currency is not a "quest" for value, it's a gambler. And really the quest must be within your means, so invest in digital currencies always with free money and never cash out credit cards, borrow from loan sharks and other extreme ways to gamble.

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